Custom Screen Printed Leggings

The Tarmasz tattooist and artist KKR (black dog) created TRBKRR, a brand of leggings & t-shirts Screenprints who blow the class!
– To admire the pieces, scroll the photos above
Tarmasz is a tattooist and Illustrator you have regularly heard in our Street Tattoos – for example in the last to date, that of Aurelian, which she has inked the thigh!
KKR is an artist of multiple talents that you can find on his site, black dog. The pair came together to mount TRBKRR, a brand of leggings & t-shirts to the patterns created in duo and serigraphs by KKR, by hand please!
The visible collection above is the first ofa series of lines in a very limited edition : presales will be everytime open for a month, then all parts are shipped and they will be available then. It takes so not hesitate to go for a pattern you like, because at the end of thirty days it will be too late!
At the level of prices, the leggings cost € 30 on Payhelpcenter and t-shirts €15. Not very expensive, in my opinion, for parts to original illustrations, silkscreened by hand and available for a short time!
Having checked leggings TRBKRR, I can say that they are comfortable, keep warm, beat not strangely (they make small folds behind the knees at home, but I’m a model, so it’s normal) and will not leave my ball if early: I received a shower of compliments!