Cycling Routes Portugal Algarve

The international cycling returns to the southern region of Portugal, a week after the 41.ª Back to the Algarve. Next Sunday, March 1, will-if the classic European City of sport Loulé International.
The proof of this Sunday is the first of 2 international class set of races that are part of the Cyclin’Portugal program. After the classic louletana, will battle the 25 Trophy Porch the Guadiana International, on 7 and 8 March, and the 7th GP Liberty Seguros-Southwest trophy and Costa Vicentina, on 21 and 22 March.
In all of these three cycling travels, will be in Portugal nine foreign teams from seven different countries: Spain, United States of America, Great Britain, Latvia, Poland, Norway and Sweden. Are pre-registered runners from 13 Nations: Canada, Spain, United States of America, Finland, France, Great Britain, Holland, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Norway, Romania and Sweden.
Six of the foreign formations will intern in the Algarve region in the period between races, fulfilling one of the major objectives of the program Cyclin’Portugal Algarve: affirm the region as a privileged place for the practice of cycling, both in competition as on stage. After the return to the Algarve have attracted top teams and of the Algarve called the Granfondo amateur practitioners and leisure region, the set of three races March attracts intermediate level formations.
That is, early in the year, the Cyclim’Portugal starts to boost tourism Algarve in low season, battling the seasonality and reaching different target audiences. In parallel, but not least, the program created a set of international races in Portugal, which contributes to increasing the competitiveness and the quality of the Portuguese cycling.
The race louletana 158.5 km will departing next to City Hall, at 10:50, and arrival to the 2:30 pm on Avenida José da Costa Mealha. The route includes three counts for the prize of the mountain, placed in the first two-thirds of the trip, which should not be an impediment to an arrival in the fastest men will have their say.
Loulé Porch Team Liberty
Anicolor (Portugal) X X X
ActiveJet (Poland) X X X
Axeon (USA) X
Blitz-Merida (Sweden) X X X
CC José Maria Nicolau (Portugal) X X X
Efapel (Portugal) X X X
FixIT.NO (Norway) X X X
LA Aluminium-Antarte (Portugal) X X X
Liberty Seguros/Carglass (Portugal)
Louletano-Ray Just Energy (Portugal) X X X
Maia/Brooks Bike Shop X X X
Moreira Frozen/Fair/KTM (Portugal) X X X
Murias Taldea (ESP) X
Optum/Kelly Benefits (Us) X X X
Rietumu-Delfin (Latvia) X X X
Popular Radio-Boavista (Portugal) X X X
USA National Team X
Sicasal/Constantinos/UDO (Portugal) X X X
Team Tavira (Portugal) X X X
W52-Quinta da Lixa (Portugal) X X X
Zappi’s (Great Britain) X X X