Decoration Colors: the Practice of Theory

I’ve been talking a lot here about the basic theory of colors. I have already talked about colors separately ( white/blue, green, yellow, purple/ lilac, red, black, gray, brown) and on a combination of contrasting, harmonic, neutral colors.
We still have the theory, let’s say, intermediate, which I will talk about later and about other colors, of course. But in this post, I just want to show this theory applied to an environment.Come on?
When you look at this environment (a winter garden? I do not know, but that’s not important) your eyes go DIRECT to that picture on the wall. BECAUSE? There are a few reasns: One is its size and shape-it really looks like a target, right? But the main one is its colors-Yellow and a purple blue medium – Contrasting Colors, in an environment in which the other colors are or neutral or of the red family ( harmonic colors), besides some green of the plants, that does not have as much Importance in terms of color in this case. This object “SCREAMS” in the middle of an environment that, in the 1st. Moment, does not draw so much attention. He is the studied FOCAL POINT of the environment, everything has been done for him to call this attention. So when you want an object to be the focal point of an environment, whether you love it or you want to hide something else that is not so interesting, do this: Paint it (or its surroundings-such as frame frames, For example) in contrasting colors and leave the rest harmonic. Notice that the colors of the object are repeated on the sofa, which is close and has the yellow more attenuated, so as not to draw too much attention, but to allow the object not to be at all “strange” to the environment.
Now look the decoration tips from neovideogames, I painted the vase on the right with the same colors as the painting…Do you see that your eyes are between one object and another, not knowing exactly what to look at? Do you realize that now you see that there is the same yellow / purple at the top of the stairs, that you did not pay so much attention to before? Is that your look now “vague” by the environment, is not “pulled” to the picture above the sofa, then you notice more things … But see also another interesting thing: In the original image, up there, space seems to be Deeper than the second image. The sofa looks like it’s further away. It is that in the second picture, the image where I painted the vase, we take “the force” of the focal point and “approach” the yellow vase and, consequently, everything that is around him. HOT colors have this feature of “getting things closer”, remember?
Saw? Only with 1 photo and a “pintadinha”, a lot of things to think about. This is the allure of colors!