Decoration: How to Decorate the Hall

Many people write me asking how to decorate the Hall or how to create a Hall when “there is” this space in the house. This post is about that.
The Hall may have as its function: A) Be a “presentation” of the house, for the visit (this is mandatory). B) A space for storing objects for those arriving from the street (when it is not external to the house) C) Increase privacy by reducing the visibility of the interior of the house to those at the door. D) Allow that last look at the “look” before leaving. E) To be a place of waiting, with a bench, armchair, chair, etc.
So it should or can have: A decoration that “has to do” with the decoration of the next environment (this is mandatory), drawers or containers to store objects like keys, etc. If it is the case, a higher element (half wall, screen, shelf, etc) that “hide” a little the next environment, a beautiful mirror and a seat.
Considering this, let’s look at the examples:
For little space in a house of uncluttered decoration, a narrow shelf with decorative objects, flowers, a frame (or mirror).
A décor that shows the daring mixed with the classic and sophisticated, which should accompany the style of the house.
When there is more space, an armchair is welcome. Behind it, a good idea is to lower the visibility of the interior: A screen that allows light from the next environment to reach this area.
Another idea to increase the privacy of the next environment and give functionality is to run a closet that can be opened or closed, like the photo (if the light is good).
For small spaces, the small moon table saves precious centimeters.
And when there is a narrow aisle, for example, a very narrow shelf beneath an illuminated mirror and some interesting objects is enough.
Total stripping in the space to hang clothes and bags and put on the shoes.]
A romantic version
The element that draws attention is the wall (use wallpaper from, texture, paint differently, etc).
An elegant piece of furniture, some beautiful objects, a matching frame and a small puff do not take up much space.
With minimal space, the comics show a little of the affection and joy of the house, even if it is not a Hall, it is a loving presentation.
The choice of elements and background color brought sophistication to the environment.
Here is an idea in a project I made some time ago for a reader: A leaked shelf “hides” the sofa from the look of who is at the door.
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