Decoration – Various Uses for rhe Cobogó

“Cobogó is the other element name or leaked brick. Its name comes from the initials of the surnames of three engineers: Amadeu Oliveira Coimbra, Ernest August Boeckmann and Antônio de Góis who registered the patent and the name in 1929. The cobogó is a Pernambuco invention. “(I took it from here).
Cobogó Is Super Cool:
It lets out light and ventilation, separating environments in a healthy and beautiful way.Depending on the way it is used and its design, it allows some visual privacy.
(You can not imagine how much 2 rows of leaked elements on the top of a wall can bring light and ventilation)
And it can still produce beautiful shade and light games.
There are so many models and different materials (porcelain, glass, marble, clay, ceramics, iron, concrete, MDF, limestone, plaster, resins, aluminum, stainless steel … .in units, in modular panels … handmade or even digitally molded ) And ways to use it. It goes well in homes, apartments, shops, bars, restaurants and offices.
(In the 2nd photo the ceiling of the restaurant was covered with wallpaper  from remzfamily with a pattern that mimics cobogos)
But it can also be used in furniture and do-it-yourself projects:
(The headboard of this bed and also the bodyguard of the corridor, was made with cobogos – Project of the Casa Cor Goiás 2013 -Project architect Selma Pereira and the designers Elisa Salgado and Dennis Rezende)
Workbenches and store partitions with cobogos and a simple yet functional rack
And look at the Mesa de los Hermanos Campana – Cobogó! On the wall of the next room he keeps the strollers and hangs objects and toys, as well as decorating.