#Desafio: 10 Essential Pieces for My Wardrobe

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) Wow, today I meet a challenge here in male fashion, but a Challenge! And what would that Coriander? EIM? EIM? Some readers suggested me to post about items needed in the Male wardrobe, I decided to make a list with 10 pieces that are indispensable in my closet, that leaving them, can ride several different looks. Let’s take a look and do yours too?
Good, let’s go to this challenge? I invite you to do too here in the comments, TIME is a very cool haha I here I opened my Wardrobe and I was about 10 minutes staring at him before making this post, noting what parts, what stands out, what I like and everything.
Gives a good size than are main parts for each and what we give more priority at the time of the purchases, saw Good haha, below I separated the list of 10 Essentials, you can not miss, in my Closet, GO!
1) T-Shirt (S) Smooth (S), Without Print.  Opening my locker I saw that I have MANY shirts without prints, t-shirts more smooth or only with the Logo from the brands, mostly Black and white. And really is something I like very much, because the Plain Shirts allow freedom in time of use, both on their own, combined with accessories, as well as with other pieces, jacket on top, shirt, sweater, etc. This piece won first place over here!
2) Jeans This piece doesn’t even have to talk about, right? Jeans is Jeans, go to town, for almost all occasions. Can you mount looks pro day in and day out, something more street, more sport and formal also with the same Jeans practically, especially nowadays that the mixture of more casual Pieces with Tailoring parts is very high. And footwear too, she goes with Tennis, with Boot, shoe, etc.
3) Black Twill Pants I consider it important to have a Black Twill Pants, because it is more a conversation piece with many styles. I have two here and I can use either to go to lunch at the restaurant on the corner, with a t-shirt, how to go on a formal lunch with a shirt and a Blazer. So I put the Black Serge Pants took the 3rd position in my TOP 10!
4) Denim Jacket Same footprint of Jeans denim jacket, play Joker in my Wardrobe, too, by the sense talking to almost all occasions. I’ve put together all that is visual way and she never let me down haha.
5) Black Shirt Black shirt I think important to have also. I have a (01) and I can always put it on several occasions. Put the black shirt with Denim pants and do an All Black animal.
6) Blazer This is a piece that changes the face of a look. Imagine you have a Basic T-shirt and a pair of Jeans, visual pro day to day and nothing pops up an important meeting, and ai? Put the Jacket on top and go haha
7) Buffalo Plaid Plaid Shirt Doing that chilly autumn day, that gets you hot to put a blouse but cold out of Shirt, and ai? Shirt over and chess combined with a Smooth Piece underneath is awesome, I always use! Alone too, consider an item very versatile.
8) Smooth Hoodie Sweatshirt  The colder days are coming, right? So looking at my closet I noticed from Businessjust that I have 3 Hooded Sweatshirts, plain and use for everything! A black, Burgundy and blue one is all I need haha can vary widely in various looks. I like to wear under a jacket as well, example, with Jeans jacket.
9) Invisible Socks An Item that turned my darling a little time here, especially with the Sockless style pumping. Use on all occasions the Invisible Socks (or half-shoe as some call it), day by day, with Tennis, for more formal occasions, with Shoe, etc.
10) Hat I don’t wear much cap, but put the item here for those “Bad Hair Days”, or when I’m too lazy to fix her hair. But for those who enjoy wearing, is a vital part, right? And can complete very well a visual.