Determine Bh Sizes

BH sizes, very few women know what their correct size is.No wonder, it’s not that simple either.
Hardly a woman now comes through the everyday life without a bra: he forms a beautiful breast and supports it at the same time.But it is very important to wear a bra that fits properly and has the right size.It is important to pay attention to some things.

Find the right bra size – that’s it

The size of the bra is determined in principle by two measures, the circumference of the breasts and the circumference of the chest, and the cup size is calculated from both together.

  1. Calculate BH sizes – the width of the chest:

First, the circumference of the breasts is measured with a measuring tape as exactly as possible, keep the tape measure straight!
On average, the standard sizes range between 60 and 90, as this is a plus size website, we know there are more sizes.But let’s stick with the example to calculate it.
If, for example, you have a circumference of between 73 and 77 cm, the size 75, that is, the mean value, is the right one.If the value 78-82 centimeters is the correct indication for BH sizes the 80. It goes in each case in five centimeter steps.
Depending on whether your own measurements are at the upper or lower limit of this size, you can close most bras with different closures so that an exact fit can be achieved with the right bra size.

  1. Calculate Bra Size – The Bust:

This is decisive for the cup, so the cup size.For this purpose, the measuring tape is placed horizontally at the highest point of the breast and the number is recorded.

  1. Determine bra cup size:

The difference between the chest circumference and the breasts circumference results in the cup size:A difference of 12 to 14 centimeters is called cup A, 14 to 16 centimeters are cup B and so on.
If you need assistance when measuring the correct bra size, it is worthwhile to contact a specialist store.This is especially true for older ladies, but also for women who have a big breast, which needs more support.
Why the right bra sizes and fit are important
If a woman is wearing an ill-fitting bra or a model of the wrong size for many years, some problems may arise:because the weight of the breast pulls the body forward, the chest muscles are shortened in the long run.This can not be compensated by the abdomens, the opponents.The result is back pain, neck tension and the like.
It is therefore very important to choose the right bra for the right bra and to take some more time to buy it.
Here are some tips for the right purchase, except the bra sizes:
Ideal in most cases are wider supports, since they do not cut too much and are not too far on the shoulders.In push-up models, it is often so that they sit under the chest very tightly and squeeze the ribs, which can be very unpleasant in the long run.
Lastly, it is always better to invest in a higher-quality, but absolutely comfortable model than in an inferior bra that damages more than supports.
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