Devices and Bikes Smarts that Have Made Success in Crowdfunding

Intelligent bicycles and cycling devices are among the many successful products on the Internet, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Among the highlights of the category, it is possible to find a bike that can be folded, another that balances without wheels, among several others.
TechTudo has separated five very different bikes with very interesting functions that have managed to exceed their collection goals and were true sensations in Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Check it!
Impossible was not only successful because it was an electric bicycle. His great appeal was to be able to be folded until it was small enough to fit in a backpack. And not only is the size compact: it weighs 5 kg whole, including the engine, which reaches speeds up to 20 km / h. The lightness of the gadget, however, requires the same of the owner; The rider can not be more than 85 kg.
The campaign was on the Kickstarter at the end of last year. The initial objective was CAD $55 thousand (about R $124 thousand at the time), but the collection reached CAD $271,640 (R $ 612 thousand)-almost five times more than the request. Those who hurried managed to buy an Impossible for CAD $ 430, something around $ 970 in the quotation of then.


The Cubii is not for those who want to go out there, but for those who want to exercise while working. The super-compact ergometer was designed to stay under the computer table, allowing pedaling during office hours. The device integrates with the smart phone through app (for Android and iOS), which calculates the pedals and amount of calories lost.
The most basic package, which included a Cubii and download app, cost $ 279 – approximately $ 620 in July 2014 when the project was released on the Kickstarter. The goal of US $80,000 (R $ 176,380) was reached quickly. At the end of the campaign, the developer FitnessCubed raised US $ 293,712 (R $648 thousand).


Jyrobik’s appeal was to help children learn to ride a bicycle. His “magic” is in the gyro-based stabilization system, located on the front wheel. The device corrects the steering automatically if the child swings too much, preventing the bicycle from falling. The mechanism has three levels of stabilization, which allows abandoning aid gradually until the person can balance himself.
The cheapest package that guaranteed the purchase of a Jyrobik cost $249 (about $560 in June last year). The Kickstarter campaign fetched $ 185,818 ($ 416,000), even though it ordered only $ 100,000 ($225,000)


Created by Revolights, the Eclipse+is a set of smart LED lights attachable to the wheels of any bike. The system, made to increase the safety in the nocturnal pedals, can be controlled by smartphone via Bluetooth. The app provides information such as speed and weather, turning any bike into smart.
The gadget is for sale at the Indiegogo collective financing site. Although there are still a few days left to finish, the campaign has already received the $26,000 (about R $100,000 currently) requested-in fact, the collection already exceeds US $136,900 (R $ 511,000), more than 527% Of the proposed value. The most-valued package is coming out for $ 209, with no delivery charge. There is a possibility to buy a Revolights bike equipped with Eclipse+, whose prices are starting from $599 ($​​2,240).


Another campaign that is already successful and still open is that of SpeedForce. The main purpose of the on-board computer for bicycles is the combination of several cycling products in It brings GPS, motion sensors and is integrated into a mobile app, providing eight different types of information such as speed, stroke length and calories consumed.
The device comes with the handlebar, which can be built into any bike. It also has IPX6 certification, guarantee of resistance to impacts and water. So far, the project has totaled more than $230,700 ($861,000, current price), 11 times more than the $ 20 initial target.The cheapest quote is $149, which does not include the $20 shipping fee.