Different Ways to Wear Pearls


Pearls are back in fashion! Of course, there are those who believe that pearls are always been a heavyweight as timeless decoration as a string of pearls worn on a dress even mediocre, exudes style and elegance. Throughout history, pearls have been idolised and worshipped, moreover the same Coco Chanel once said “a woman has need of wires and strands of pearls.” But how to wear the pearls? In this list I’ll give you 5 creative ways to wear this jewel of great class, which fall outside the traditional necklace of pearls.

The chaplet of pearls

Different Ways to Wear Pearls

Pearls can be used to create a luxurious object to put on their heads. For a really important event, you can wear a chaplet of bracelets for sale to insert an elegant hairstyle. A wedding, a gala or any event requires a sophisticated look will be the perfect opportunity.

Sunglasses enriched with pearls

Chic glasses? Those with pearls set into the frame! The wonderful pearls mounted around the lenses of the sunglasses will enrich the accessory and your look. With a couple of glasses of this type the glamour effect is guaranteed. You can wear them in combination with a leather jacket for a more determined or with a suit to underline the elegance.

Dress with pearls on the shoulder

If you have a nice suit, you can ask a seamstress to make an opening on one shoulder and surround. You’ll get a unique and refined, it will be very nice effect of the pearls that follow the dress which opens gently to see a small portion of the shoulder. This clothing is well suited for daytime occasions that evening, by day you can complete the look with a pair of sunglasses glamour and evenings you could pair with killer heels.

Dress with pearls around at the gap

If you have a long gown, preferably dark, even in this case you may ask a seamstress and ask you to create a gap and adorn the two sides with beads. The end result will be elegant and transgressive at the same time.

Beads on bare back

The discovery of a woman’s back is something extremely sexy and unconventional as a classic neckline on the décolleté. The backless can be surrounded by a lace or precious silk, dark or light but strictly along. In these cases, adding a string of pearls, dropped down the back will increase exponentially the charm of the wearer, adding a precious touch right there where the focus is total.