Discover Our 8 Tips to Choose Your Wedding Lingerie

What lingerie wear for my wedding? We want a unique lingerie for this special day, indeed the choice of your lingerie wedding is almost as important as that of your wedding dress.
Strapless bra,   seamless bra, corset and other … before choosing your wedding lingerie consider your dress and the transparency of the fabric. For example, your wedding dress is very tailored (embroidery or lace) a lace bra will be ideal. Conversely if you opt for a silk dress, favor a lingerie second skin. Lemon Curve gives you all its expert advice, our first rule marriage lingerie rhyme with invisible lingerie!

Comfortable and technical lingerie

It is true that on the day of her wedding we prefer to choose a lace or tulle dress rather than a microfibre bra.Our first advice however is to feel comfortable for the day of her wedding and play on seduction for the wedding night.So choose a seamless or laser-cut bra that will make your lingerie invisible under your wedding dress.If you are wearing a bare back wedding dress, it is best to wear a panties or a low waist thong to avoid any demarcation but also so that nothing exceeds your dress.

Bring your lingerie to fittings

When dressing, do not forget to take with you your wedding dress lingerie from naturegnosis. So you’ll get a glimpse of more the dressmaker will be able to check that your bra does not exceed your dress and make the necessary retouching.Feel free to come to the fittings with several wedding lingerie and see which is more suited to your final wedding dress.

What color for wedding lingerie?

The D-Day wedding lingerie is white or ivory is a custom deeply established in our customs.Our expert advice is to choose two wedding dresses, a comfortable and discreet for the day and a sexy and glamorous lingerie for the wedding night.For this special day the white lingerie is not necessarily ideal, privilege the skin color lingerie for an invisible effect under your wedding dress.The nude lingerie from the brand Wonderbra will be as transparent for your big day.

Wedding lingerie for small breasts

Women with small chests will be better able not to wear bra under their wedding dress.To give a little volume and remain discreet, the   bras with hulls   will stick to your skin and embellish your chest.

Wedding lingerie for generous breasts

Choosing her wedding dress lingerie when doing D + can be an almost impossible mission.Know that the most important for you is the support, the bra with removable braces of the Evie line ensures support and elegance for your chest.Under a wedding dress a little molding the bra Minimizer is one of our best solutions.Do not get me wrong the bra minimizer is not there to hide your chest instead it will come to beautify it and will give a smooth effect.

Aestheticism of the wedding sheath

The sheath is no longer a taboo to conceal small shapes and even for thin women the sheath reassures when wearing a dress in veil.The brands are now numerous to offer the lingerie, our favorite goes to the high sheer jacket Scandale available in flesh or ivory is a very elegant piece.

Did you think about the basque?

Under her wedding dress the corset is one of the most feminine pieces.It can embellish and lengthen your silhouette, the wedding basque of BlueBella will suit perfectly under a strapless bustier type wedding dress.This model is very feminine, directly inspired by the saga 50 shades of gray BlueBella lingerie combines aesthetics and seduction.Attention, the corset is not appropriate for all wedding dresses.

What wedding lingerie for the wedding night?

As much as the lingerie wedding dress must be the most invisible possible, so much the lingerie wedding night must be colorful and seductive.Romantic thanks to the lace and sexy by its shape the fabric of the wedding night lingerie pieces borders the haute couture.It is time for you to succumb to the corsets that highlight your silhouette, the transparency of the studied fabrics, necklines and other push-up bras that will please.