Diy Bracelet with an Infinity Symbol

Of the 8 symbol in mathematics and physics for the infinity. For many, it is a sign of fidelity and eternal, infinite love. Not only because such an infinity symbol in combination of a fancy piece of jewelry not only looks good, but has its own importance. An infinity gem is perfect as a gift, because it brings his own story with him.
Diy Infinity Bracelet with an Infinity Symbol
Now I’ll show you how your own DIY can make infinity bracelet. It’s actually quite easy!
What you need:

  • Satin ribbon in 1-2 mm thick / / for example this here:satin ribbon *
  • 2 clips / / for example this here:brackets *
  • 1 infinity symbol / / gets here:infinity symbol *
  • a tray

Let’s start: take the infinity symbol and binds to each page an approx. 50 cm long satin ribbon on it. Best sets you each to form a loop the straps and pulls through the rest of the band.
Now we attach the end pearls on the edges of the tray so that we can begin the macrame knots. How this technique works you can easily see in this macrame instructions.
We follow so the above-linked macrame instructions, our Bracelet looks like this at the end:
Now, we must cut off only the excess straps and secure it with a cigarette lighter. After we have fixed a few nodes as a closure, we knot the ends again so that the bracelet can no longer go on. And already, our DIY pearl bracelet with an infinity symbol is finished!
The completed infinity bracelet, you can buy here: infinity bracelet in Salome jewelry