DIY: Dragonfly Necklace

Create a necklace with matching earrings from pearls and metal elements: Let us show you how! The delicate dragonfly jewelery, a necklace with matching earrings, hasdeliberately designed.
You need a dragonfly jewelery set:
Necklace (Meterware)
Toggle Closure
Rivet (min. 4cm long)
Ear hooks
Metal element with 2+1 eyelets
3 flat Howlith beads (12 mm)
3 Dragonflies of metal (17.5mm long)
In addition you need:
Pliers (round, flat pliers, cutting)
may Reibahlenset
For the material and tools simply look at the category Material.
Step 1: From the chain, cut the desired length with the side cutter and split in the middle.Please note that the metal element and the closure must be added to the final length! Step 2: The two chains are fastened to the sides of the metal element by means of the binder rings, and then fastened in the same way.
Step 3: In order for the dragonfly to be placed around the bead, the two eyelets must be slightly bent with the flat-nose pliers. Possibly. The bead hole must be enlarged with reamers if the bead is too thick.
Step 4: The dragonfly is placed around the bead so that the rivet pin can be pushed through. Then the end of the rivet pin is bent over the vial head with the help of the round pliers and shortened with the side cutter to such an extent that a narrow centimeter protrudes. The end of the rivet pin is now screwed in with the round pliers so far that only a small gap remains.
Step 5: Through this gap, the lower eyelet of the metal element is pushed, then the rivet pin is completely closed with the round nose pliers. For the earrings, the rivet pin is not bent over the dragonfly head, but is bent and shortened laterally. Then insert the ear hooks.
Lovingly comes from Paderborn and is 25 years old. As a mummy, housewife and student, she has a lot of tasks to do, but in her free time she designs jewelry that she sells in her DaWanda shop.
Also you can present your instructions here! Just fill out the jewelery necklace, take photos and send it to Estatelearning.
We look forward to your idea!
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