Down Jackets Trend – Light As a Feather Through the Winter!

Down jacket trends for ladies and gentlemen are preparing every year on the new pleasure. In a wide variety of designs they keep warm right us due to its high proportion of spring in the jacket even at freezing temperatures.
Are Quilted Jacket and down jacket the same?
No. Quilted jackets are not immediately down jackets. Your history the seams through the filling in of the jacket cannot slip and thus everywhere warms is characteristic of a quilted jacket. However, the filling must not consist of down. Often, even synthetic fibers are used for the filling. A jacket is a down jacket ultimately only if is actually lined with down.
Metallics and glossy materials are particularly in fashion, but also the models in bright colours make winter appear not too dark. We have prepared you a few down jackets of various brands, which will bring you safely enjoy.
It starts with these models of Blue:
Blue stands for good quality. This proves the longevity of down jackets. All models offer you with wind-proof bags, closable pockets and enough storage space for important valuables. Also the ease of jacket, as well as extremely comfortable to wear and the super fit will convince you certainly.
This model of Blue offers you an additional refinement: the high collar which protects you at wind & weather, hides a built-in hood. As you can see can be super to a leisure outfit with jeans in the worn look and cool sneaker down jacket.
Fashionable design and high quality are combined in this great jacket from blue. The two down jackets consist of 90% duck down, 10% feathers, that you warm even in the coldest temperatures. Also some models offer a hood you, so that you are properly protected in rain and snow.
But also the Italian fashion label Peuterey impresses with its many down jackets. Whether in bright or subtle colors – Peuterey is something for every taste. The comfort is guaranteed by 90% goose down and 10% goose feathers.
The model Stosh of Peuterey allows you appear less dreary winter by the bright color. The high collar your neck offers the necessary protection that you need on really cold days.
Lufian also offers you great down jackets, feather-light nestled by 90% down and 10% feathers on your body. Chic cuffs with ties at the ends of the sleeves and a beautiful shoulder yoke characterize this model, that will certainly put you a great figure.
When I know that the jacket is a high quality jacket?
The mixing ratio of feathers to down is crucial. For a proper isolation of the down jacket, springs are ideally suited, because they are somewhat coarser. Very good mixing ratios are 95% down to 5% feathers or 90% to 10%.
The most important: How do I maintain my down jacket right?
Keep your down jacket long you, you should wash them either by hand or in a delicate cycle at 30 ° C with special down detergent. The addition of tennis balls in the washing machine prevents that the feathers in the coat slip or glue. The same is true for the drying of the down jacket. They give along with a tennis ball at 40 ° C in the dryer or just hanging on the Clothesline. Here you should shake but every now and again they, so the springs that unfold. It is only important that you not then wring out the jacket after rain or snow, but instead just dry on the Clothesline let.
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