Dress Right Outdoors

Vargavintern has taken a grip on Sweden and ahead of the winter break, many people are considering how to dress themselves. Should you out and move around in the cold so the Council is simple and proven-a shell in functional materials in combination with layer-on-layer.
Press release from Gore
An outer layer of a durable material, which protects against all weather conditions and at the same time breathing, is the ideal garment for outdoor activity on cold winter days. A garment that gives you the best of both worlds-protection and comfort. When you move around in the cold you produce excess heat that can easily turn into condensation inside the jacket or pants. Condensation allows you gets wet and starts to freeze. If the garment breathe carried excess heat and moisture away from your body, you stay dry and comfortable and can spend the energy on the activity you love rather than to freeze.
-I love the cool but hate to freeze, but if you dress right, you can still have fun outdoors regardless of the weather. Follow the layer-on-layer principle, but most importantly a solid shell that is windproof, waterproof and ventilate, says adventurer Ola Skinnarmo including ski to the North Pole.
Since the 1970s, Gore is the world’s leading manufacturer of membrane material, Gore-Tex ® fabric, and creator of solutions that have made outdoor life safer, easier and more comfortable for all of us. That is why Gore high demands on clothing that bears the promise Gore-Tex ® Guaranteed to Keep You Dry ®, guarantee to keep you dry. All details, from stitching to vents, shall be watertight and approved. There are Gore-Tex ® garments from various brands so you can find one that suits you.
Expectations of a shell are many: it should protect against rain and wind, there should be a durable material that don’t break if you climb or ski in contact with sharp edges or skates. Shell garments effectively closes out the wind’s so-called cooling factor, that is, how the wind or wind affect the experience of the cold.
Before the winter holiday or the next winter adventure, we have one word of advice-get yourself good shell.
How do you dress up:
1-base layer of wool, including stockings and thin camouflage. Alternatively, funktionsunderställ in the synthesizer. Not cotton.
2-middle layer, that sweater in WINDSTOPPER ® fleece Alternatively thicker Wool Sweater. Any knee-length bloomers in microfleece or thicker wool.
3-extra layer to take on extremely cold temperatures or during breaks, such as Softshell jacket in WINDSTOPPER ® fabric or insulation jacket with down-or Primaloft insulation.
4-shell-trousers, jacket and gloves in Gore-Tex ® material protects against wind and weather, closes the cold outside and Wicks away excess heat.