Dual Screen Tablet PC

With the arrival in Italy of the Amazon  App-Shop the interest in the book Colossus and his Android products is logically grown exponentially and with new Kindle Fire also expected in Europe every move by Amazon now has new appeal: in this case we speak of a patent that covers a tablet with front and back.

The step from there to the new Kindle may seem short, but it is certainly not the case of running time, although the idea has its intriguing side.
Of the two screens for tablet PC, one would be a normal LCD, the other an e-ink display, the ebook reading.Through the information provided by the sensors of the tablet, the software is able to figure out which side we are looking at and therefore will activate the screen.
Such a solution immediately raises concerns and enthusiasms: at first glance you might think excessive battery consumption because of two screens, but it must be said that the e-ink display consume much less of LCDs, which may then result in real savings. It is true that weight, strength and practicality of such a solution are all to be verified, not to mention that the screen less used will tend to get dirty easily more than the other, and in any case it is easier to place a tablet on its rubberized back rather than on one of the two displays. Finally, we emphasize that this is basically the only solution that would satisfy all: lovers of games, movies, and animated scenes will enjoy the LCD, but for reading an e-ink is even better.
Lights and shadows in short come from this patent, but it is also too early to arrovellarvisi on, due to the fact that we don’t know if and when it will materialize into a commercial product. You would like to?