Eagle Plussize: Plus Size

This new shop offers you a large and diverse selection of fashion items for men and women. And all this at a glance without long and time-consuming search! You can order easily from home and discover special additional offers that make shopping even easier, more convenient and more inspiring.
In this eShop friends is available a wide range of well-known brands and also the customer service not neglected. If you are interested, you can make even an appointment, to find your new style. Also, an advice of type of is offered online – a range of inspiring and individual outfits rounds off the service. In short, we are PlusSize shop so curious on the Eagle, that we want to give you more information in the following text of a few.

The Product Range

The target group of “strong women” is still fashion and more confident this year. The ADLER collection is so versatile and the article were lovingly equipped with detailed solutions such as sequins, rhinestones and rivets, so that each item is a highlight. Target is this, that the entire collection in one another coherent and consequently each part is combined. Casual looks, inviting to feel are in the fore. The best is extracted from every type and every figure. Successful styling should help to highlight the individual beauty and attractiveness of the customers. What colour is expected? The season starts in the women in aqua blue tones, combined with delicate pastel and natural tones. The middle of the season, the Farbpallette is fruity and thus reflects a correct color cocktail.
The PlusSize shop will have its focus in the exclusive brands Thea and big fashion according to Plus-size-tips. Moreover, reputable and well-known brands such as via Appia offered fire as a fit specialist and fashion consultant new due, Frapp, Gigi by sang and KJ in the shop. Younger fashion impulses convey the Nordic brands such as DNY and Zizzi. In the autumn and winter, CPM is due as a shirt and knit providers follow. And how it looks in the men’s? Here, private label of Lerros, pioneer that complete collection is in addition to the big fashion. The colors are rather reserved. (N) is confined to natural tones and combines them with masculine colors like blue and green. Masculinity and the sporty look are in the foreground. In April and may, the Farbpallette is lightened by warm colors such as red, Orange and yellow and refreshed.


The newly designed large size area under adlermode.com will in the future under the label “Eagle PlusSize be” plus stands not only for the extended range from size 42, but rather for the new technical features. What exactly has changed? In addition to a redesigned, clear layout of the page, one passes through a newly developed search much faster on the desired article.Customers can use filter properties, which can be combined according to their preferences.
In addition to the new faster, meeting exact search is also given to the user experience great value! Accounts for individual pages in the categories, the visitor must not click through numerous pages, because all results and articles appear on a page and download automatically, once the bottom has been reached. A great advantage is also the built-in chat software with customer service in the background, whenever coming to the fore, if he needs eShopper help or advice. An intelligent software control makes it possible that this feature is offered only when really needed.