Easy Pillow Case Tutorial

Good morning my meddling!
Have all children at school already begun? The my greatest began Thursday and you do not see that you content. It did not give him the body for both embrace!
Today I want to propose a sewing easy, great for the beginner, to go by the machine. Today we are going to sew a pillow case.
I had this fabric that had bought for a little thing which I will show soon and I wanted to use what I had for a new pillow for my largest case. The enchanted, clear. You will love the fabric, full of different types of vehicles.
For this project we need:
-Bookmarks, pins, sewing machine, scissors… Things always
Here we go!
I can not give you steps because each pillow is a world. My son used a pillow that is slightly larger than the wedge and very flat.Just three years and normal pillows are too high for him. To the extent that need us to see we must measure the pillow. Hand contour pillow that we will add two centimetres and the length of the pillow that we will add six to eight centimeters.
We mark these measures on the fabric and cut.
We turned the right fabric with right into the long part of the pillow and attach with pins. If you need it, hilvanad. We had a simple stitch over its whole length and then finish off the edge of the fabric using a zig-zag.
Now we do some hemming on the ends. We bend a centimeter and a half of fabric to the inside twice on each side and had a simple stitch.
We give back and iron it for the right to seat seams.
And we have it! To have it in place!
That you do not guess which is my son’s favorite character? lol
I love to use striking fabrics for bedding, it’s fun. And the delighted kids of getting into bed with this so cool!
What did you think? Easy, a Yes? And ye, are more than whites or bright colors? You advantage the scraps for these purposes?
Link with the back to school of threads and more.
Thank you very much for your comments