Blu-Ray Player Sony BDP S 5000 ES

Sony’s Blu-ray player BDP S trumps 5000 ES (1800 euros) with an exemplary quick start function and a virtually inaudible noise.

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Sony’s ES series offered has always been something special devices, and Sony’s engineers were in the past often interesting new ways as a lateral thinker. In this case, use it for the current player in the hotel’s own PlayStation 3 and use the menu structure. “XrossMediaBar” is called the first unusual horizontally-oriented menu structure that is to handle quickly and clearly.

At all, the Sony also in complex Blu-ray disc menus navigated most working of all test candidates, the animations running smoothly, and he responds instantly to commands of the hand encoder which can illuminate as only in the test home theater-friendly. S 5000 was able to demonstrate in the test area as only been his online skills: BD-live worked without complaint, only a bit slowly. The 5000 on a USB memory stick pushes the data taken from the Internet, the plugging back.

The new graphics chip CXD represents 9957 GF sure Sony’s luster in this player who so selectively and content Adaptive works such as so far no other video signal processing. The technology called “HD Reality Enhancer” promises finest high-resolution images, no matter how good or bad may be the source – see box. Actually allowing the small slip the S 5000 but himself if also painful in full frames to correctly convert DVDs only when correctly the progressive status bit. Although it is the rule that the Authoring studios work correctly, but on the “Star Wars Episode I to VI”-DVDs, for example, this status bit is not true. Fit but recording format and Bitsch age match, the Sony his thing makes very fine and very cleverly hired with all test images. DVD images could convince rendered on full HD format also.

So Blu-ray stressten the new algorithms with the nasty concert pictures with hectic movement, bad light and rushing interlaced HD images the testers ‘ neck + broken leg “Toten Hosen. Without comparison, that looks fantastic, worked in comparison to Denon and pioneer but fidgety and somehow discordant. Here, the algorithms of Postprocessings change obviously too often and drastically in their effect. Possible way should something back screw Sony the effect.

Maybe the projector the stereoplay resolves listening room, 1000 too good a PT-AE from Panasonic, even fine shades of color. The testers could not be detected in any case, a significant effect of the disconnectable Superbitmappings (see box), even as they ensure critical, dark and this finely shaded animation sequences of Pixar short film “Lifted” used. Less finely differentiated devices benefit from probably more.

With its audiophile aspirations of Sony compressed signals such as MP3 or WMA don’t want to know, nor of DiVX movies. With normal CDs can he of course great deal and sounds decent, balanced tonal well also via analogue output and can only be here and there at voices acoustic mumbling a little. Increased the testers of the resolution and channel count with Ramsey Lewis’s “they can’t take that away from me” by Dolbys-demo-Blu-ray disc, the player gave almost the impression when he breaths better. Suddenly bobbed with the feet of the audience, and it won the impression someone had released the hand brake. Despite the subjectively quicker tempo, the resolution increased but hardly. The musical level of the pioneer was significantly higher, and the Denon played although leaner and a touch less dynamic, sound fine drawing by.

Sony BDP S 5000 ES

Manufacturer Sony
Price €1800.00
Rating 106.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Width 43.0 cm
Height 12.5 cm
Depth 36.5 cm
Weight 10.0 kg
Video digital HDMI (version) 1.3a
Max resolution of HDMI
Decoder Dolby True HD / DTS HD Master /
Decoder DD / DTS /
Remote control for TV / Adaptive /
Predefined picture settings / adjustable
Memory card reader
USB /.
Ethernet for update / interactive content /
Headphone output / adjustable /
Playback memory
HDMI control
BD – time DVD / Blu-ray (in seconds) 20 / 40.0 s
Playback formats
MP3WMADivX / /
Analog output stereo / 5.1 / 7.1 / /
Playable disc.-formats
DVD + R / RW /
CD-R / RW /
BD-R / RE /
optical / HDMI /
Hosiden / 3-comp. /
Measured values
Signal to noise ratio (A weighted) 111 dB
Output resistance 561 ohm
Error correction ability info layer CD / DVD 2.8 / 4.5 mm
Error correction surface CD / DVD 3,02,8 mm
Power consumption standby / operating 0.3 / 24.0 W
Short conclusion Clever navigation via Xross MediaBar, BD-live. De-interlacing unfortunately only in correct status bits, but very good. Sophisticated, automatic image. CD playback is lacking some resolution, musical sound in HD.
Sound HDMI
(maximum 70 points)
Sound surround
(maximum 70 points)
Sound stereo
(max 70
Measured values
(maximum 10 points)
(max. 15 points)
(maximum 10 points)
Picture Blu ray / DVD 16 / 9
Overall rating (max. 120 points) outstanding 106
Price-performance ratio Very good
tested in issue: 2 / 09


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