Denon RCD-CX1

Don’t make a mess, but pads – so the job to the developers must have been. How else could be explained that the RCD CX_1 is much massive built than other CD receiver that receives AUDIO on the table?

It weighs eight kilos 30 centimeters wide and 43 centimeters deep powerhouse on the dare – which is a non-negligible part attributable to millimeters thick aluminum plates, which cover the casing. The solid drive with a base of zinc casting and three-layered metal cover builds quite high, giving the CX-1 a slightly kast-side format with Bull-side appearance. For this, it absorbs vibrations but also so much that the drawer glides almost silently back and forth. No doubt about it: This processing has high quality.

The champagne color of the brushed surfaces seem to set sound enthusiasts with a penchant for tasteful look. The possibility for SACD playback plus phono inputs for MM and MC cartridges back the RCD-CX-1 totally close to exclusive Hi-Fi components.

But Denon has built the now mandatory connection to the future: the CD drive plays MP3 and WMA files. Also in-house iPod docks remote receiver can be controlled via the socket “Dock control” on the back. Song and album title, and artist name transferred there on the display of the CX-1, which is however somewhat hard to read with its only tens of millions and low-contrast display in red. The other operation – whether on the product or on the convenient remote control – is similar to the test drive in a Mercedes: each button is exactly where you expect it.

Your 1500 euro expensive receiver Denon offers the couple the SC-CX_101 2-way box for 700 euros. It is not less quality, incredibly compact and was specially adapted to the European market.

The first bars just confirmed that in the hearing test: Unverfärbt, with restrained and yet transparent heights the CX_101 made a convincing debut. Although, you can expect miracles bass from a box, 15 x 25 x 20 centimeters wide. But the Denon painted their sound images so that the audience never had the impression to miss important shades.

Only when thicker candidates like the KEF played on iQ_30 or the Canton Vento 802, the CX-1 showed that he has some more on it. He coaxed even the still critical to the Arcam KEF XQ_10 female voices with warm, natural timbre. And Colin Blunstones androgynes organ (“Time Of the Season”, AUDIO great music 1) was unique as to make male voice.

Easily coped the Denon with all speakers, AUDIO, served him. Sovereign, his appearance, maintained the sound characteristics although the Arcam in some cases tearing with has a tick. The bottom line, the RCD CX_1 is an excellent receiver that clearly also comes with small, demanding speakers. Who want to enjoy HiFi in a confined space, combined it with Denons in-house mini boxes – should set up then but as wall close the SC CX_101, to support the bass range.


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