HTC Clock In Windows

Since Windows Vista we can put in our Desktop Small applications that help us have useful information at a distance from a look. There are dozens of these applications and they cover from the weather forecast to “special” watches.

And it is precisely one of those special watches that we bring to you today. Everyone knows the clock from HTC, the one that has the filp to change the numbers. It’s famous and everyone wants to copy it. Because today you will be able to have such a clock in your Desktop.

This clock comes in the form of a Windows gadget and can be placed anywhere on your Desktop. This way they simplify the process of having to look at the Windows clock that is small and is in the corner of the taskbar.

This application does not have any settings that can be changed and is simple to use. Simply unload it and proceed with its installation. At the end it is released and we only have to put it in the place we want.

If you use these mini-applications and if you like the very good looks that the HTC watch can add it to your desktop. It looks good and looks good.

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