PSB Alpha B1

The great unknown: Who, please, is behind the three letters PSB? A question which reveals that we have occasionally lived Germans like Hillbilly. Because almost on the entire globe, PSB is an established name. But in large parts of Central Europe do not.

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The reasons are purely political, the new importer lets know: PSB speakers belongs to the great, Honorable NAD Empire – managed by the parent company, the internationally active Lenbrook group. The apparent conflict: In the German market sells Dynaudio nad electronics and has of course a high interest to help not yet a potential speaker competitors in the country with the “distant relatives” of PSB. Especially since the claims compensate. Danes don’t lie, Canadians allegedly even less.

PSB an icon of ears-controlled speaker building behind Paul Barton, other side of the Atlantic. To say: the man is in the business with critical relation to all loudly acclaimed materials since 1972. Not the new wonder fabric in the crossover, not the diaphragm by Indian maidens with musk powder decides the good sound, but only the critical ear of the developer.

Here Paul Barton himself brings an outstanding pair of ear – the man is Violin virtuoso with a penchant for exploring the secrets of building by Antonio Stradivari. Connoisseurs say the “S” in the name was a reference to just this northern Italian violin maker. Not true. (P) aul paid homage in 1972 only his later wife (S) u (B) Abhishek. Enough policy and Smilies spread, as it stands the hard values of the alpha B1 by PSB? We look at a classic Twoweights in the bass and tweeter together back to the technically feasible minimum. The reflex opening radiates to the back, the cut-off frequency is three kilohertz. The gaze falls consistently on really well implemented craft.

The deeper art is actually in the vote. In the listening room, we met on a box, which played with the charm of an English Studio monitor – lot analysis plus a surprisingly intense how controlled bass. You can feel the regulating hand sound. And stability during hard food. When Santana’s DVD-audio edition of “Shaman” (Sony) small compact swallow is happy times on the massive bass, even the Canton GLE 420 liked it rather quietly. The PSB, however, remained on course, fell even in the bass waves: to hear this physicality of a compact, low box, our sense of value in this price range will determine long.

PSB Alpha B1

Manufacturer PSB
Price €300.00
Rating 63.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

General data
Dimensions (W x H x D) 18.0 x 30.0 x 24.5 cm
Weight 4.0
Color Wall mounting possible
Technical characteristics
Bass principle Two-way bass reflex
Number of ways 2
Working principle of full Active
Connections single wiring
XLR connectors
Space adaptation
Surround complementary.
Laboratory characteristics
Maximum volume upper value 101 dB
lower cut-off frequency (-3dB) 84 Hz
Lower cut-off frequency (-6 dB) 50 Hz
Nominal impedance (audio) 4 ohm
balanced and tidy through all the stops, almost a small Studio monitor
Level limits, not quite so locating exactly
Bass quality 50
Bass depth (bass Foundation) 50
Attention to detail (precision) 75
Dynamic 50
Maximum level (vitality) 50
Neutrality 70
Imaging 65
Spatial (airiness) 75
Processing well
Sound judgment good 63
tested in issue: 3 / 09


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