Sonus Faber Toy Tower + Toy Center

Inimitable look and elegance – that always succeeds Sonus Faber best. Already on the last year’s high-end small, 900 euro ripped cheap toy, although only a photo model, visitors to storms of enthusiasm going. The Italian brand, otherwise world tip gave a minimal blue shimmering anthracite black cowhide leather dress of the new series in the processing of solid wood.

But the mini box is small – too small for proper low bass, there is not a matching subwoofer. She finds their ideal place as Rearbox in combination with the much stronger stand box toy Tower. The Sonus conditions almost as price performance sensation goes through: a real 3-way box with 18-Nomex-bass, slightly to the rear of inclined baffle and the same fine leather finish just 1800 euros. Missing in the quintet still the center channel, the toy Center – he also tipped, exemplary, is perfectly identical to the other boxes with chassis tailored specifically for Sonus Faber what promises Sonic homogeneity music SACD and Blu-rays. Special feature of Sonus is the ring radiator silk membrane, which should provide for a clear sound behavior at the top end of the transmission area.

Easily you could take too seriously the name “Toy” – in this case, a hearing date would be highly recommended: the Slim Tower plays, so she close to the wall is set up like a big box and belies all ridicule. Chris Jones’ “No. sanctuary here” (AUDIO great music 5) scored with huge momentum and not exaggerated, yet rich and even a large-volume box really on power bred like the Quadral clear ultra 9 contoured Foundation, which (AUDIO 3/07) only still quantitatively on the Tower moved past. While the Quadral approached classical sounds more relaxed and warm, the Sonics Argenta recommended the toy Tower as a detail, something about accurate monitor in nature as much as the larger models in Sonus Faber.

It reinforced the set to two small toy as speakers, as well as the Center, nothing was more in the way a storm of enthusiasm: in “Hancock Iceland” (Chesky, in-akustik) she conjured up jazzy samples room atmosphere, at Saints-Saens organ Symphony (Eschenbach) even a huge concert hall in addition to Fabulously massive organ. A little pressure may lack compared to sets with subwoofer, also used the toy quintet of recording details some meticulously work out but so realistic sounds from one so you had heard specifically rarely compact as noble set at lower room volume, a speciality of Sonus, in the AUDIO listening room.


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