Stereoplay Measurement: Real as Real?

Sony’s new miracle chip CXD 9957 GF scours and differentiated the current video image in real time according to different image elements such as surfaces, details, noise, writing.

“HD reality Enhancer”, which loosely translates into “high-resolution reality enhancement”. Sounds like a miracle, and it’s also almost, when you consider that Sony’s new miracle chip CXD scours the current video image 9957 GF in real time according to different image elements such as surfaces, details, noise, writing and differentiated.

In the same breath, he works for these parts of the image according to, ENT roars grily, draws fictitious details with fine line, smoothes surfaces and gradients, and ensures sharp contours and clear writing. This is the opposite of the goal of not dramatic deterioration, and thus, the chip heaves the image of the recorded 8-bit resolution to whopping 14 bit.

That the color components of the signal, the normally only have one-quarter of the sharpness of the contrast component, be extrapolated to the full bandwidth, so is a transformation from 4:2:2 to 4:4:4 component helps further on the jumps, the resolution. The HDMI standard “Deep Color” provision but maximum 12 bit 4:4:4.

The signal must be downscaled so depending on the device again to 12, 10 or 8 bit, and for this the developers use a technique that is used for audio signals long: Super bit mapping, short SBM. Much like when audio is also the video derivative of the algorithm ‘ on a pulse sequence of the defunct lower end signal, which corresponds to the statistical average and thus the perception after the higher-res original signal. Sony is reducing in particular stepped transitions in the image where delicate shades should be seen.


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