Stereoplay – Myth Subwoofer: Poetry and Truth

Hardly a module about which so many myths and legends, such as the Group of the subwoofer. Here the most common prejudices and what’s really behind it.

(1) my plant produces enough bass, so I need no subwoofer.

Enough upper bass certainly, but rarely the necessary depth. Passive HiFi speakers rarely climb under 40, often hardly under 60 Hertz. However, 16 to 20 hertz are audible.

(2) on the label of my shelf boxes “22-25_000 Hz”. That should do it.

Almost all manufacturers trick this information. Mostly quixotic reference points are used. You can find realistic values at each stereoplay boxes test the reading tables.

(3) woofer are as small as most, you can generate got no real deep bass.

Error. Active subwoofer (passive make little sense) are electronically corrected and achieve a much deeper lower limiting frequency as passive boxes of the same size.

(4) a good woofer must be determined. Also, I need two for stereo. I have no place.

Extremely long-stroke oscillation systems allow high levels of surprisingly small chassis. Good subwoofers Overall by sonically uncritical limiter are excluded as well. Because bass contain no left/right information, a mono woofer is enough in principle.

(5) frequencies below 100 Hertz are not localised. Therefore it is doesn’t matter, where the woofer is available.

The ability to place is closer to 60 Hertz. Because frequency filter never endlessly steep, always higher frequencies are radiated to some extent, and you are very much localised.

(06) when I tell me already such a part, I want to hear properly what of it.

Also in addition. If you hear your subwoofer, it is set incorrectly. Either too loud or the cut-off frequency is too high. Correctly set woofer only notice if you switch it off.

(7) woofer with sealed enclosures are always better.

Not entirely true flat rate. Closed woofer tends to be quieter and require therefore more chassis or power amplifiers. Cheap or maximum level optimized woofer are therefore mostly bass reflex systems.

(8) my Electronics has no outputs for subwoofer, so these devices for me out of the question.

Use the speakers terminals of the woofer. Note: Not all woofers are thus equipped.

(9) subwoofers are just for home theater fans. A music lover doesn’t need something like that.

Yet. Good music recordings are not usually so bass stresses such as some movies contain frequencies but nevertheless often close and even below 20 hertz.

(10) subwoofer can fully judge of measured values.

Laboratory data are important, but cannot replace a hearing test. What are housing or as chassis and power amplifiers in complex sounds behave is not apparent from the standard measurements.


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