Stereoplay Technology in Detail: Features for Advanced Users

In the luxury class is the trend for special products with exceptional properties, whether optics, sound, equipment, or simply maximum level.

The spectacular to the abyss by Martin Logan is less its equipment with filters and convenience features than rather the intention, closed woofer similar to level set to make as competitors with bass reflex tunnel or passive membranes.

As a rule of thumb can apply that refraining from reflex openings makes a woofer with comparable lower cut-off frequency and membrane surface in the maximum dynamic up to 10 decibels quieter. Offset this shortcoming can be only by More long-strung chassis and more power amplifiers.

Both seems well managed, because with a maximum volume close to 110 decibels abyss is almost as level hard as Bass reflexwoofer of similar in size, he sounds but much more precise. Smart: By changing the position of the socket holder (see diagram), the cube turns into a Downfire woofer with intensified space suggestion and again pressure fuller sound.

Of such level escapades can only dream of tiny, is automatically a measuring SPL 800 ultra by Velodyne, nevertheless deserves this woofer highest respect. His 8-inch chassis attained values close to 100 decibels despite also closed case after all, and performs circus mature excursions. What does this little sound and comfort (single measurement automatic), borders on a miracle.

ELAC bypasses the problem of flow noise bass reflex tunnel with a large, floor-facing passive membrane and trims to his noble sub 211 D on high performance.

The M guaranteed 9500 by Teufel fluttering pant legs in large rooms. You must have heard what do conservative 12-incher in conjunction with a clearly sonically superb power amplifier the two. When it comes right to the point, the rest of the field with simply no longer come.


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