T + A Criterion TS300 + TR 450 + TC 500

Instead of leather and sophistication, the T + A TS300 relies on optical understatement, only the curved shape of its sides is a catcher. Neither their volume nor their moderately proportioned 18 cm chassis point to the bass violence inside. But the T + A-connoisseur knows: like already the classic series, a transmission from the moderate mass brings a sound foundation of the extra class. The technique, which handled only with a delay and redirection of the depth stake radiated into the box – in contrast to the own resonator of a reflex system – is known for their clean and deep bass inserts under high change.

The two major chassis only in the bass work to fully exploit the benefits of technology and to avoid harmful sound resonances of means of. The midrange resonates in a closed Chamber and should make the by T + A again sealed membrane for a particular partial vibration-free voice playback patented, multi-slotted and absorbing with special adhesive. In the treble, which is T + A-recipe which amazingly similar to by Sonus: A ring radiator with soft tissue membrane promises detailed playback and resonance-free height, however the Germans abandon the lace Phaseplug of the Italians.

For Sonic homogeneity within the set got the compact box TR 450, who works here as a Rearspeaker, bought the same ring radiator and a similarly built low-midrange driver. Theoretically she would play without bass support, but set the editors think gave a discharge by “Small” you-filter to make the set play bass stronger and more dynamic.

Already scored in stereo the TS300 in addition to their strong resolution, but never intrusive heights at the live classic “Guantanamera” (weavers reunion concert) with wide space. The designs fully played their dynamic capabilities with the percussive Basics and produced a time to time real low thrusts.

The prohibit in the multi channel team for some movie DVD: Sure, for science fiction a la “Star Wars: Episode 2” could produce more explosions a subwoofer, but already the standing speakers sounded tired and full. The T + A ran to all great shape-set as a Quartet with music on: Center the historic voice of Ray Charles with the more modern channel swinging Count Basie Orchestra (Telarc) sounded location more precisely, but softer, and homogeneous music River. In classical music, the 4.0 version was even clearly superior, without Center (Tilson Thomas) evacuation won Mahler’s “plaintive song”. Whether film or music, stereo or surround, whether old or new – the T + A-set turned out to be a true artist in the connect of different worlds.


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