Yamaha A-S 700

The A-S 700 is a stereo amplifier of the old school. More specifically, infinite batteries sound switches and regulators ruled the front panel HiFi School of the 1970s, in your and stimulated the enthusiastic owner to play. But this would still up to date? In the 21st century, is known to some audiophile skepticism proposes opposed such controls.

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The current, in the retro-design A-S 700 has not only a classic direct switch that comes only with the sound control and balance levels, but also as an ultra-purist mode called “CD Direct Amplification”. Which simply means that the CD input – and only this – bypassing the complete preamp level directly to the power amplifier is routed. Also the electronic input and recording selector will be bypassed. Enable and disable can your direct line only by mechanical switch on the front panel be. In the signal path remains a private, on CD voltage level optimized OP-amp and the high-quality, motorized bright.

You could of course also just omit the stages this evaded – Creek about has built even before decades of amps completely passive preamplifier. The both-as also solution by Yamaha but universal suitable for sources of various quality and provides the needed a full balance and sound control loudness network. The loudness is adjustable in old Yamaha tradition and can be used when listening with volume sense.

In the AUDIO test room of course, you can hear so loud and so long you want – and the A-S 700 tempted to do just that. According to, because his eight transistors, supported by a carefully customized transformer and designed for Yamaha-made Siebelkos, so wonderfully loose shake their performance from the Silicon sleeves. And long, because one has the impression even with generous use of these energy reserves never listen to loud. Anyway, the author can not remember to have heard so lush and juicy, gentle sounds of a Yamaha amplifier: Jeff Buckleys “lover, you should’ve Come Over”, as high bit vinyl transfer via Linn sneaky DS played, seemed to fill the space above the excellent matching KEF XQ 40 with beauty. An A-70, in AUDIO Arcam decorated 3/08 with 85 points, could not disassociate the Japanese: he sounded while top still fine, but as a whole also thinner and not as tempo rich as the joyfully swinging Yamaha.

Sound purists AUDIO instead of the Yamaha companions we recommend the slightly more favourable NAD C 525BEE, which performed at the A-S 700 get richer, more powerful and more natural. Yes, we know how it looks. But it sounds fantastic.

Yamaha A S 700

Manufacturer Yamaha
Price €580.00
Rating 85.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Dimensions (W x H x D) 43.5 x 15, 0 x
38.2 cm
Weight 11.0 kg
Genus (REC / GM) Integrated amplifier
Remote control available
System remote control / Adaptive /
Front panel Black / Silver / champagne / /
Front panel other FB. No
Tone controls / switched off /
Monitor switch
Recording selector switch audio
Network jacks switched / unswitched 0 / 0
Memory / storage automatic 2 m
Sendersp. with aut. Sorting No
Input phono MM / MC /
High level RCA inputs / XLR 5 / 0
Digital inputs RCA / XLR 0 / 0
Boxes outputs A + B / switchable /
Headphone Jack
Pre-Out / main 2 m
Recorder connections (a / from) 2
Processor input / output /
Unity gain input
Pre-Out subwoofer 0
Measured values
True sine wave power stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 188.0 W / 124.0 W
Music performance stereo 4 ohm / 8 ohm 214,0 W / 142.0 W
Noise line 104.0 dB(A)
Powerful, natural and musically sounding amplifier, ordinary Phonoteil
Sound MM 80
Sound MC
Sound RCA 85
Sound XLR
Facilities Very good
Operation Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment Top 85
Price / performance outstanding
tested in issue: 3 / 09


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