Essence Studio Nails

You talk of Essence that each season renews its basic lines, expanding the range: in this case we speak of new products Studio Nails, the line for most professional nail of the German brand.
Many innovations for this collection that makes its way in space planet ofprofessional nail art, despite the extremely competitive prices.
Below all the products that will be released this autumn winter 2012 2013 Line Studio Nails Essence :
Makes a bright white nails and prevents yellowing, also has a quick-drying formula and gives a nail gel effect (price € 2.29). PRO WHITE ROSE ‘NAIL POLISH ROSE yellowing a perfect base for French manicure more classical, with a slightly pinkish color and natural quick-drying and non-yellowing formula (price € 2.29). PRO WHITE EFFECT pOLISH yellowing a classic clear polish for those who like to have your nails to the natural protecting them from ‘yellow, which double as the basis (price € 2.29). PRO WHITE nAIL pOLISH sTRENGTHENING nAIL HARDENERfor those who need to strengthen nails this is the ideal machine polish Essence thought to prevent flaking and the weakening of’ nail with a brilliant finish and long-lasting (price € 2.29). bETTER THAN gEL nAILS tOP SEALER lIGHTone of the best top coat entire range Essence to “seal” the enamel and eventali decorations, with a luminous effect gel and brilliant (price € 2.29). BETTER THAN GEL nAILS, SOLVENT iN 3 1 only one product to remove nail polish, nail glue and tips (price € 2.49). FRENCH GLAM nAIL STICKERS Among the newcomers to the line Studio nails ofEssence you can also meet the stickers for the perfect nails to create more original and trendy look. Available in two versions (price € 1.79). LIMA NAIL 2IN1 A file with 2 grits, a shortening and the other for filing; adapted to the natural nail (price € 1.59). LIMA NAIL Other than the precedent for the design and for the grain that also allows you to file the false nails (price € 1.59). The new products that will enrich the line based Essence Studio Nails in the season autumn winter 2012 will be available in the Coin and OVS stores from September .