Eva Bachmann: Lacy Crust Never Sleep i Won't!

Tell me what you are asleep, and I’ll tell you what you are in bed! I do, of course, it’s fun, because with most of you never have. I guess you just hung on his nose feeds: “I’m sleeping in a beautiful satin pajamas!” (and I prefer to have a stretched out shirt with a bear). “I prefer to sleep in the nude!” (and what about the flannel shirt and thick Socks?).
But on purpose! Put to bed when you’re at home alone, or when you’re sleeping with an expensive one? Or when the first sex is waiting for you with a new discovery!? I would have guessed you’re right!

Me personally satisfying for sleep and sex my own skin. I’m Eva, so I prefer to go to bed at Adam. I tried all the possible outfits, and this bed the only I never did not disappoint. Satin pyjamas and skidded and studilo in the context of love foreplay we had urvali all the mrňavoučké mother of Pearl buttons. Cute Camisole on hangers on his chest had lace, which failed to specify with Pira? OU. In the morning I looked like the nightmare of doctor. Flannel pajamas like me and the partner, but in moments of passion he regularly jammed button. The Pajamas, of course.
Fortunately, someone has invented a bathrobe. It can survive hours before going quite elegant! The evening is often my companion slightly infantile pink bathrobe. Hairy, huňatej, teploučkej, just a good friend. I look at it as a cuddly creature, but we are good together. I’m afraid that just as erotic bait too does not work.
I even bought a gown satin (how I could just forget about Pajamas from Psyknowhow!). Is a black, shiny, seductively invites you to touch. But there is a terrible Scythe, I terribly short and I look at him as a wrestler in the džudu! I’ll stay loyal rather pink monster, at least a check on the city, which to me partner behaves. Ideally, when I’m without a robe.
I don’t know if pajamas, bathrobes and sex as a global issue, too, man. I feel that it very much neprožívají the fact I envy them. Vypozorovala I’m just one deviation, that is a lot of common men. It’s called “favorite pajamas and appetite for sex with female partners rather suppress. Favorite Pajamas is at least ten years, lost its shape, it is some funny opraný sample (klokánci, boating, number). Man’s favorite Pajamas guards as an eye in the head! It doesn’t matter how much you buy him new ones. Pet betray you!
What you will go to bed tonight, I don’t know, but I wish you a nice cuddle up in bed. In her Nightie satin, naked, with socks or plaid flanelce. And if you under the covers of the two, so whether you unbutton those insidious buttons from Pajamas!