Everything You Need to Know about Jeans Cleaning

Denim is the most widely used item in the world. Super timeless, democratic and modern conquers all by its versatility and practicality, in addition to leaving the visual much more personalized.
But there are numerous different washes that many people wonder, what is the best time to use each? Or, is there a specific wash for each body shape?
So we decided to make here a brief guide to washing jeans. Check it out and get expert on the denim subject!

Know The Main Types Of Jeans Wash

Jeans have never been so high as now, definitely the fashion world has surrendered to the custom style of denim, and with that the textile industry has tried to innovate even more in the models and washes to suit the taste of each one.
Wear it from head to toe, the jeans trend has arrived with everything and the mix of washes is most welcome when the bet is all jeans look. And this summer the jeans will pump even more, so keep an eye on the main washes to create amazing looks!

1-Basic Denim

The basic denim is those jeans that do not bring any variation of hue or thread. It is ideal for little formal looks and also for the more discreet ones. You find basic denim dresses, shorts, shirts and straight jeans with this wash. You can even create a look all jeans with the basics in combination with destroyed.

2-Jeans Destroyed

And speaking of destroyed it will still be super high this summer. Ideal for creating casual looks during the day and also ballad looks. Super modern wash you’ll see a lot in shorts, skirts and cropped jeans.

3-Jeans DÉLavÉ

The denim délavé is that very clear and delicate. It is also an excellent request when you create look all jeans with délavé jeans shirt and jeans with darker wash.It is ideal for office look that asks for something more discreet, romantic looks and also the more casual.

4-Estonian Jeans

The denim estonado is one that appears with discolored spots, looks like it was stained by bleach, is also softer than the basic denim. For bringing that stained appearance, is not indicated estonada jeans for those who have wide hips or want to disguise the bottom, since it gives the illusion of further increase the proportions.

5-Dark Jeans

This dark jeans has always been option in the wardrobe fashionista, it has a feature to decrease the proportions, so if you have wide hip or want to disguise, the dark denim is perfect. Great for creating evening looks, it combines a lot with sparkles, strong colors and lace.

6-Printed Jeans

The printed jeans will also appear much this summer in skirts, dresses and shorts.Super modern to create more bare and boho looks.
These are the jeans must have washes of the trend, so you can bet hard that has no mistake. Choose what suits you best and create incredible looks by mixing the washes!
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