Extend The Life Of Your Camping Equipment

The camping season 2014 is the majority of people passing by. You are back at work, the kids to school. The days are shorter and colder. Now is the time because when you leave the pitch of the season, the camping equipment to clean and store. In this blog, we will give you some recommendations on how you store your camping gear in the right way and clean.

Caravan in the winter parking place
If you leave your caravan for a long time, we recommend that you wash it well at first. You can then grow it and eventually with a caravan cover. This prevents pollution (air pollution, bird droppings) discoloration and wear (acid) rain including algae,. You can make also a moisture absorber in the caravan. Remember also to the waste water tank and the water tank when cleaning. There are special cleaning agents. What is to be known, but unfortunately it often is forgotten: drain the water from the hot water tank. Of course, you do not want that the whole thing freezes in the winter.
Properly store your tent
Some time ago we wrote already an outdoor blog, in which we indicated how you can make your tent the best ‘winter-ready’. In this blog you will find info on folding the tent, but also on the pushrod and the storage.
How to clean your tent?
Perhaps already been clear, but Pack a completely clean and dry your tent in any case. Use any aggressive cleaning agents, if you want to clean your tent, because otherwise these will corrode the coating and water resistance of cloth. Best, take water and a soft brush. (Forward) tent contains parts made of PVC, then you can use any water with green SOAP. You would clean your tent with a tent cleaners, you then please take into consideration that you must then actually waterproof your tent again.
Is your tent before storing complete?
Check whether the tent is still completely and replace missing or defective parts immediately. Not that you next year if you again need to go to the campsite, there will find, that parts are missing you. Many tents have fiber glass rods. We recommend that you tie them per rod, so that they will not be flipped or damaged. You can lubricate rods of steel, for example that of an awning, with Vaseline. This is definitely to recommend if your campsite located near the coast. Namely, salt accelerates corrosion. The room in which you store the tent, must be well ventilated and dry where vermin have no access.
How do you store your camping gear?
You have a cool box or refrigerator, then leave a gap that can cause unpleasant odours. Keep camping furniture best in its original packaging. Of course clean them first and keep the operating instructions. Have a manoeuvring aid for moving parts Goo then up so that she continue running smoothly and take the roles of the tyre. You can attach the battery to the charger so that the battery is full time again.
Your caravan with a Rollvorhang or a locking roller blind is fitted, let these ‘top’, otherwise you are at risk that the springs will get lazy.
Mattresses keep best in a box or a bag. Self-inflating mats roll out best with the valve open. Sleeping bags can be cleaned if necessary. They can be washed at 30 ° C almost all. Caution with a down sleeping bag. Make do particularly well on the washing instructions. More practical, it would be actually, if you use a sheet sleeping bag. You can wash them easier.
Into with the outside stuff?
Probably take all the following things to the campsite, but even if you ‘only’ home use, these should be stored in the winter. Naturally make a grill clean. Your grill includes a cast iron plate, you then grease it with oil. You do that, then you run the risk on oxidation. It makes sense to equip your grill with a cover. You have enough storage space, then place the grill. With a swimming pool, it is important that you thoroughly dry before you store it, since moisture can make porous material. She eats so to speak through the material. In addition, a damp storage brings a foul odor with it. It is obvious that you store your pool in a dry environment. Store your garden furniture set, to the best dry and if you have enough space, preferably inside. Keep in mind that you must never cover wood furniture. Patch by moisture and the penetration of the Sun are often the result. Wick er furniture can stand out. You just need to watch out that, if you take during the Frost period on a wick er Chair space, these break freeze can.
Undoubtedly we are by no means fully with this list, but hopefully these tips will help you to keep your camping and outdoor equipment for as long as possible nice. Do have any tips on itself or do certain things very differently as we have described it above, then please inform us. We know a lot of camping and outdoor area, but would never cease to learn.