Eyeglasses Promotions for the New School Year

When a customer searches for eyeglasses promotions in the Montijo or Barreiro area, there is a name that immediately comes to mind. Industry of the Glasses. This is because the Glasses Industry is the main reference in terms of eyeglass promotions.So much for man, woman or child.
Assuming the maximum of offering quality products at the best prices, the Industry of the Spectacles bets on offers of complete spectacles that add value to its customers.Including, among other benefits, the guarantee, the insurance and the examination.

Our eyeglass promotions include major international brands

In the Glass Industry, it is possible to buy glasses of great world brands at the best price. We highlight the brands Essilor, Hoya, Zeiss and Shamir . As it commercializes glasses and lenses at factory prices, the Spectacle Industry gets bargains on practically unbeatable spectacles.
At a time when the new school year is about to begin, we highlight one of our most sought after sunglasses promotions.We offer our customers the best brands children’s glasses for only 49 euros, including the offer of visual examination and two years of warranty.

Already know our promotion of progressive lenses?

In addition to this promotion, the Glasses Industry is betting heavily on progressive lens deals for only € 249.This offer includes state-of-the-art lenses, frame offer, visual examination offer and second pair of progressive sunglasses.In addition, it also provides a two-year warranty on the lenses and glasses.
In this way, the Glasses Industry allows any customer to enjoy the best brands at the most competitive prices.Contributing to its mission of providing better visual health to all Portuguese.All thanks to promotions specially designed to meet the needs of all.