Facts Landslide in Pregnancy

1 – In the beginning of pregnancy, it is more than normal
2 – Secretion is more intense near the delivery
3 – Secretion may be amniotic fluid
4 – Gestational candidiasis also causes secretion in pregnancy
5 – Accompanied by secretion of blood is never standard
Pregnancy is a special time and changes to the woman. The weight increases, breasts are sensitive and the classic symptoms are not always pleasant, like nausea, headaches, constant fatigue and leg pain. But one of the most common and most frightening is the discharge in pregnancy common. Not always it requires care, but in some cases can be a warning sign for the expectant mother a doctor. The following five facts that can help clarify a bit more on secretion in pregnancy and unravel some legends.
1 – The Beginning of Pregnancy Is More Than Normal
In the first two months of pregnancy a woman should notice an increase in vaginal secretions and more intense.
It is normal and expected by doctors and most responsible obstetricians warns about it. It is nothing more than a woman’s physiology working.
But attention to the aspect of this discharge. It has no smell and a milky white color. Do not scratch and does not cause side effects in the region. It should not be accompanied by pain or burning in the area to be considered normal. What is it? It is a sign that the woman’s body is preparing for childbirth and indicative of pregnancy as well (see this blog).

2 – Secretion Is Intense Closer Childbirth
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A more intense and thick mucus begins to become secretion and dirty panties. This usually happens in the last weeks before delivery, in the last months. The secretion is stronger and more intense. This is a good sign that your body is getting ready for delivery. You can now start packing baby purse because it can be at any time.
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3 – Discharge Can Be the Net Amniotic
Most secretions during pregnancy are common, but this deserves more attention. Amniotic fluid is the substance that surrounds the baby and ensures their survival in comfort. When it begins to be excreted or childbirth is very pero, or there is some problem, such as a premature birth. As soon as you notice a viscous, white liquid with aroma similar to bleach, Mom should seek a doctor ready for analysis.
4 – Candidiasis Gestational Also Cause Discharge in Pregnancy
A pregnant woman undergoes a series of changes in the body.
Some nice and others not so much. But as they all say to hold your child in your arms, it is worth, is not it? One such change is changes in vaginal pH, and may leave the susceptible mother a few diseases. One is gestational candidiasis. For a low immunity, some fungi can settle in the region and cause candidiasis, common good. There are those who suffer with the problem all my life less without being pregnant, but moms are a bit more likely. There are women who only develop candidiasis when they are pregnant, so it is called gestational candidiasis.
In this case, the discharge will have a yellowish tint and will be accompanied by a burning sensation, itching maybe intense and sometimes a nuisance even after showering. Any of these symptoms or only discharge with bad smell should be investigated promptly to your doctor.
5 – Discharge Blood Accompanied Never Is Normal
Bleeding in pregnancy is expected only in the first two months. More than that there must be something more serious and an ultrasound with medical care should be made. If there is bleeding or discharge and only blood, less as it is, is indicated for doctor ready for analysis. If a miscarriage of principle, there must be a lot of pain and bleeding will be intense. Sometimes a slight effort already causes bleeding.