Fake Samsung Batteries at Amazon

In a c’ twelve by twelve alleged original batteries as plagiarism have turned out t-test. They were sold not only by small traders, but also by Amazon itself.
After a test purchase of c’t have twelve by twelve alleged Samsung batteries as forgeries turned out. The tester had selected twelve deals of Samsung Smartphone batteries on Our site and each ordered a copy. Four of the batteries were sold by Amazon itself, the remaining eight of smaller merchants via Our site.

Counterfeit Samsung confirmed
Sometimes only small optical differences to batteries were in the investigation of the batteries in the Newsroom that came directly from Samsung. So let c’t check the battery also by Samsung. The manufacturer confirmed that all 12 copies are fakes reported c’t in the current issue of 10/15.
In a statement, Amazon promised to ensure “that the offers for the respective products comply with applicable law”. To a question by c’t to preventive measures against counterfeiting the online retailer did not. In February had c’t already reported about a fake AMD CPU provided by Amazon.
Customs seized more and more fake batteries
Customs statistics indicate that trafficking in counterfeit batteries is literally booming: In 2011, 7000 fake mobile phone batteries had been seized by German customs officials, 2013, there were 37,000 and 2014 about 45,000.
The business with the fake batteries worth partly because unlike original batteries falls to a few users. Copies of the age though is usually much faster than original batteries, achieve only short terms – so after a few months but then hardly a customer complains.
Auch Apple affected
The problem concerns not only Samsung. Also hundreds listings for alleged original Apple batteries for iPhones can be found at online retailers. But Apple sold at all, no batteries in the trade (other than Samsung), but serves only its own workshops. The alleged original Apple batteries are usually copies.