Fashion Advisor For Small Women

A very common question that I get repeatedly made by readers of the fashion Whisperer, is: ‘I am very small. How can I get dressed, to be bigger? Is there any fashion tricks that I can apply?” Because beyond all considerations of the different Figure types and Style figures , also the size of your body decides what fashionable suits you. You really not easy have it as a small woman. Many clothes are designed for particularly tall models. And you probably know common fit problems, such as to long sleeves, skirt hems, and pant legs, enough. Small women are often then, if they are even still stronger built completely at a loss.
So what to do? Your height anything can purely objectively of course change. Subjective but already! The fashion offers a number of fashion tricks as big come out even with small stature. There’s some fashion tips more than wearing only high heels – and this certainly is not a bad idea to start… Also here that in my opinion best fashion tricks, how you immediately greater impact as a small woman. And the best part about: larger women may ber offers some tips. Because many of them are not only bigger, but also leaner!
Because so many fashion tips for small women have come together, I made a mini series in two parts from it:

  • Fashion Advisor for small women: 4 methods and 20 tips from Youremailverifier on how to optimize your vertical proportions
  • Fashion Advisor for small women: 4 methods and 21 tips on how to optimize your horizontal proportions and what is more important

Many famous, successful women are small!

You ever notice that, for example, Eva Longoria, Madonna, Shakira, Kylie Minogue, Reese Witherspoon, Salma Hayek, and Judy Dench are real tiny? All these women are much smaller than 1.60 meters. I might prolong still infinitely this list, because in the pop and film sky seem to place many small women big scene. If you once more look at this women – especially as they themselves attract, if she advised by stylists are – can much learn. All these power women make it clear that no disadvantage must be to be small. And so it is not surprising that I have discovered many of the following optical tricks at the above celebrities often. Best you look even once, or try it out yourself!

Check your vertical proportions and compensate for them!

Before you proceed but to act, I recommend to check your vertical proportions only once. Because if the vertical proportions of your body – so the distance between head, shoulders, waist, crotch, knee and ground, despite your small stature are quite balanced, probably not striking at first glance that they are smaller. Then nothing on your body is very short. And that’s half the battle. The following optical tricks then do the rest with security. Select only those tips that are compatible with your character type from this collection!

1. make your legs look longer!

Often, small women have relatively shorter legs. But even if this is not so with you, it makes sense quite your in addition even longer to make legs. Because the viewer can be easily fooled. Long legs are associated with larger women. In order to extend your legs, are the main tricks:
Wear pants and skirts with waist-high waist!
This is the fastest way to longer legs – – in addition to higher heels – if your character type can withstand this.
Avoid shorter trouser shapes!
Their trouser length should be at least ankle length, because shorter trousers visually shorten the leg. Should nevertheless rolled up boyfriend-, 7 / 8, or Capri pants to wear, then higher heels or shoes in a skin tone, or in the same color as the shorts are a must! Always narrow, floor-length trousers, which are worn with a small to medium-sized industry including are much better for you.
Wear shorter skirts or shorts!
Shorter skirts and shorts believe longer legs the eye because more leg space is visible. Especially for small women is therefore recommended that the hem of the skirt never longer than knee covering – better: a hand-width above the knee – to choose. Actually falls on that very many small stars ever wear mini dresses, tutus, and shorts. But that of course depends on whether you feel comfortable with shorter hemlines. Try out whether an opaque tights ensures that you can show more leg and still feel.

Digression: Wear so little women Maxi-skirts and Maxi-dresses

Even if it is certainly preferable for you as small women to wear shorter skirts, you do not have on Maxi-skirts or Accesories. Be sure that these are rather narrow cut, plain or with a small pattern and really extend to the floor. Including you should then always wear high-heeled shoes to compensate – so high as you can. And most important: the upper part to Maxi skirts must be very figure close to if not even closely cut to compensate for the increase in volume of the lower body. Ideally, such an outfit is then total monochrome designed to take advantage of the effect of the color column (see below).
Choose shoes with a short leaf!
These are cut out so far that they barely cover your foot back and extend the leg length to the toes. If you still want to wear booties or similar, shall be: the higher the shoe blade, the shorter the skirt hem! And should not be avoided also paragraphs then.
Wear shoes in shades of nude, or in the color of your legs!
Shoes in nude – but also in gold or Silver tones, which are similar to your skin tone – extend the leg. To achieve an even greater, because even longer effect, if you wear shoes in the same color as stockings, pants, or skirt. Thus, a single vertical color bar is created from the ground up to the waist.
Wear shoes with pointed Cap!
If you choose shoes with pointed CAP, which also extended your leg. But caution: Flat shoes your feet could contribute this proportional to size to body size. Then you should consider whether an almond-shaped or differently shaped cap for you is better.
Wear most often at least a small to medium-sized paragraph!
Of course, it is the easiest method to compensate for the missing leg length with high heels. Unfortunately only: If you belong to the women, can not running in 10 cm heel, that use is little. And this is not for everyday use certainly also. You can but, for example, shoes look, the paragraph of 3 to 5 cm, may exhibit a slightly thicker sole or a small plateau. And you know what? A medium heel height is even coherent as high heels, which can look at smaller body size quick disproportionately high for small women. And of course you can wear even flat shoes, if you a few of the other tips in these two posts.

2. lay your torso look upwards!

After the extension of the legs is the next trick, visually to move your upper body upwards and to accentuate this elevated zone. And that is how it works:
Wear shorter jackets and sweaters!
The top layer to the upper body should be quite short – end optimally roughly at waist height, maximum ranging to the hip bone. If this becomes detrimental to your figure type, a longer top or a blouse in the layered look could help to transfer unwanted pads in waist and abdominal region or longer look the upper body.
Lay the waist line slightly upwards!
If you are a character type, which can well carry an empire line, this is beneficial. Thus, all other small women should experiment to move the waist up only a few centimetres. This works particularly well for clothes and can disappear just added a little tummy! If you already have a very short torso or a strong Y-type , you better skip this tip.
Wear a bra that lifts her chest!
The chest is in most cases the main volume on the upper body. When this focus visually higher, also the upper body is perceived overall higher. As a rule of thumb: the nipples should roughly be placed at the same height as half of the upper arm. Nice side-effect: extends your lower chest area and your waist more visible. It’s slim.
Use the 3/4-sleeve-trick!
There is a method that both now done: makes your legs look longer and sets your upper body visually higher. And although successful, by wearing 3/4-length sleeves. Alternatively, you can also simply move up jacket or sweater sleeve Blusen-, or roll upto achieve this length so beneficial.

3. draw long, vertical lines on your body!

The more the eye on your body from the top moves down and back again and there it is less horizontal breaks, the greater you are perceived. All the fashionable style means that conjure long, vertical lines on your body, are suitable.
Wear plain, narrow case, shift, blouse and wrap dresses!
Almost no other outfit can create a strong vertical dimension and make you look now much larger.
Create a vertical column of color on your body!
If you dress up from head to toe in a color , you come out great. Such a color pillar you can create but also with two-colour look : you wear as a top and bottom in different colors, add a jacket or Blazer in the color of the base. So, at least in the outer area of the silhouette, you remain monochrome. You wear top and bottom in the same color, however, you can add a jacket in a different color you wear open. Thus, a particularly slim color column is created inside the front of her body.
Do prefer monochrome, low contrast looks!
Something like a vertical color bar concluded visually, if you wear the exact same color from head to toe , but different colors of the same color family or different shades that have the same brightness value. So: Mix, for example, a deep pink with a mid tone of Bordeaux, the eye detects the same color family and judged these areas as belonging together. The same applies to a mix of white, nude – and beige tones, which visually almost monochromatic looks to the eye. All over outfits in dark blue and black, or powdery pastel again score points with the same brightness value. At the moment, in which however with mix two colors to large light dark contrast, decomposes the optical color column in individual areas.
Wear largely monochrome pattern with vertical pattern repeat.
The more you visually hold along the surface, the greater you (see above) work. When is the motif of the pattern also reviewed from top to bottom (RapPort), this allows the eye to wander. Good for you!
Take advantage of all fashionable styles, patterns, and accessories, which are vertically oriented!
While there are a variety of ways, for example…

  • thin Pinstripe (caution: the strips are too wide, they emphasize the width of the body and carry on!)
  • Also covered button plackets, (caution: this does not apply for double row button plackets that accentuate the width!)
  • Zips
  • vertical seams, such as Viennese seams, vertical darts, tucks etc.
  • Skirt slits and Wrap effects
  • Creases in pants
  • Deep V-necks or blouses open downwards
  • deeper, narrow lapel collar (caution: lapel collar should converge above the waist, not to reduce your waist area!)
  • long necklaces
  • long scarves
  • long earrings

4. enrich monochrome outfits with the right fabrics!

If you are wearing monochrome looks to emphasize your vertical line, it need not be boring. To do this, you need the right materials.
Choose flowing fabrics with beautiful case, play with your body!
Such materials emphasize the vertical by their case. At the same time, the movement of the fabric makes the look more interesting – and sometimes even seductive. However, to rigid materials make for too many corners and edges and allow for breaks in the laboriously created, vertical silhouette.
Mix textures instead of colors!
If you use the method of the color column to act as large as you can use different textures to make an outfit more interesting. Combine, for example, top with smooth silk or fine knit with fur or (art) fur items. Be creative and experiment!
So, that was the first part with fashion tips for small women. Overall, you will find 20 ways that they seem larger than small woman. Next week I’ll show up four additional methods and 21 more tips you as you really bring out your small stature.
Until then, you could try out already a couple of today’s tips and report how it worked for you. The very large number of readers with smaller body size – in my reader survey in April were, after all, about 20 percent of the respondents – will thank you! And I am of course as always curious if was already the key tip for you here!