Fashion Belt

Understand everything about fashion Belt.
Metal belt accessories is the great feeling between the celebrities and the mass viewing spent observing and questioning how this new sensation must be used. This assessório this acquiring players that since 2011, your beginning was in Libya, we know the Lebanese love gold and sophistication, and is exactly that the predominant brand of fashion belt, with time the noda came to us through the canvases.
Famous brands such as Chanel and Dior already incorporate this sets the time, fashion belt is nothing but beautiful metal belts. This metal to fletem through your beauty shine of gold, silver and bronze, but what predominates is the gold, but the options are more extensive than this example there is a wide range of metallic colors for various looks.

The Sizes

The sizes are also comprehensive since the thinner and delicate to the largest and well stripped of all, with several details of texture or design fashion fashion metallic belt belt won the Brazilian women fashion lovers. Because it is an accessory that highlights care in production are essential, such as: metal belt will be the absolute production accessory, so have other accessories or clothes that conflict with your beauty can be risky.
The thin belt belt mark more the silhouette, already the largest and wide should be used between silhouette and hip to promote the beauty of waist leaving increasingly thin.

How To Use?

We can use the belt without errors with the cool colors such as blue, green, violet, pastel, pink, coral, white, this is great option pair short will use for the first time and this with fear of making mistakes. Who already use often can choose with warm colors and prints of Jaguar and floral. We can wear them with dresses, skirts, shorts, pants with colors that match each other and the belt further.
Ready is just blow the new production, I hope you enjoyed this super new.
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