Fashion Rules for Wearing Leggings

Raise your hand if you don’t have at least one pair of leggings in the closet!
Our mothers, in the 80s, they called them leggings, leggings are used the term in the 1990s.
If our grandmothers we talk about leggings, they also understand their argument. Once upon a time the outer tube, used by the military, to protect from the cold and common ancestor of stockings and pantyhose. Everyone followed his way and, after a brief stint in the 50s, 60s Emilio Pucci designed the first silk pants with Stirrups.

Thank Audrey Hepburn to make it okay, wearing it in both films as in his spare time. Forgotten for a decade, at the dawn of the 1980s, always fit Emilyleggings made leggings a must be worn doing aerobics with her.
Even without its physical agility, women then ran to buy what soon would become a must, maybe paired with a nice pair of leg warmers.
Golden rules for wearing leggings
All of them can choose them for their look, regardless of one’s physique, it is important to follow some basic rules. First of all it should be clarified that leggings are not pants, in itself, but clothes that, though not comparable to underwear, are very close to socks: they are very adherent and how best to use them, and with a maxi-sweater or with a very short dress.
The important thing is that the dress is covering the bottom coming on top of your thighs. How to match colors the classic choice inevitably falls on black: black leggings can be matched easily to maxi-pull of each color.
There are also other possibilities: grey and purple sweater leggings (or vice versa), or blue and gray or blue sweater leggings are two perfect combinations. If you want to dare a little more you can choose to wear brightly colored leggings, patterned or skin but prudently and very tasteful.
The ankle or calf?
The most convenient way to wear leggings is to unite them in boots that cover the leg even though in my opinion so there is not much difference with a stocking.
I prefer them with cleavage or ballerinas … Although a nice high heel helps to elongate the figure and generating lean.
A word of advice: in high heels is better bring the leggings ankle, calf, so not the leg will seem more slender.
The leggings are garments which do not will never go out of fashion: when mixing comfort and beauty is your favorite look.
And always remember that they are not pants.