Attention Kids: Swimwear and Shorts

know that many men are afraid of wearing a bathing suit. Or do not feel comfortable with that outfit or feel almost ‘naked’. For those more inhibited, the good suggestion are Bermuda. And there is nothing new in this area, now the surfer shorts (known so popularly) shorter in running shorts.

Now for the more ‘ free ‘, the swimwear are great. Choose the striped and printed-are super high. But hey, nothing that Speedo dug in the style “saw? Larger in size almost briefs underwear boxers.
Nothing Too Too Big and Not Too Small.

Stylist Tips:

Swimwear with the wider side and with a cut that is similar to the models of the 70 (running shorts style) are excellent for any man, both overweight or out of shape, because they are more discreet.
The swimwear more dug are pieces that require the attention, because they are thinner on the sides and, therefore, does not look good on any man, especially those who are overweight.

Clear briefs look better in dark and dark briefs men in white men. It is worth remembering that contrast if you want to call the attention of women.

And as for white or yellow trunks? They say the bad tongues that they are transparent to the entratem in contact with water. Nowadays turned legend, many white briefs are being manufactured with extra liners, which ensures more security.

With respect to the shorts, buy one of your size. Anything falling short or too tight. In these cases or the butt is out or the belly is jumping! For you who’s ashamed, but wants to change a little the visal-choose the models to more neutral and basic briefs to try. What about Bermuda, use the smallest and go adapting to fashion!

“For the image consultant Monica Girao, what counts is the biotype and common sense.’ I think that these pieces have a connection with the physical type of the subject. The Speedo requires a body fit. A man with very thin legs can disguise them wearing shorts or short. Those who have big hips should also opt for them. Bermuda also favor men desbundados. But it is essential to pay attention to the colors. Nobody can take a white man of Red tights.

“Zizi Ribeiro’s fashion consultant for over 20 years and seen in bathing suits a very intimate choice.’ I think it’s a personal style. For those who like short I suggest that it is always above the knees, because it is a bathing suit and not a bermuda to ride’.

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