Barbie Backpacks 2012: Models

With the onset of classes approaching, the demand for items of school supplies for children grows. The backpack is one of these items that can not be missing from the shopping list, plus it is the object that children most like to choose. While boys prefer car decoration and cartoons to their backpacks, among girls the sales leads are Barbie’s products.

From its inception to Barbie has been a success and its popularity has surpassed the fame only of the dolls to invade other products. Now you can find the most famous doll in the world, in clothes, in cases, in notebooks and even in bags and backpacks.

Parents are well aware that purchases of school supplies often carry part of the budget, so it is important to get the best prices on everything including the official Barbie brand products, which are not very cheap.The best method to pay less on quality products is to research. Also, if you prefer to buy the backpack in advance.

In addition to being beautiful it is important to consider the quality of the material because many children carry enough books to school and the backpack ideal for them are those with wheels. It is possible to find varied models of articles with Barbie in any store that you wanted to buy school supplies. They are different models with different prices, however the best offers are found mainly on internet sites.


The values ​​of the school articles vary according to the store and the quality of the material, on average a backpack of Barbie without wheels costs around $ 120, while she with wheels can exceed the mark of $ 220.

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