Bride Summer Dresses

The dresses for summer 2013 are very romantic and rich in floral appliqués, a Midsummer night’s dream. What color, long skirts and fluffy, corsets and soft lines. Most modern girls can also choose the short dresses for the religious ceremony.

You are planning a wedding for next summer? Then you should definitely know the trends of dresses for summer 2013 bought from Many maison bride presented the new collection at recent fashion shows and you can find them already in the ateliers. The first thing to do, then, is to look at our photo gallery and see if there is any model that can please you and then make an appointment in a showroom for a first test.

2013 trends for wedding dresses

The following wedding dresses fashion, just like any fashion industry. However, there is a classic line (the traditional long white dress) that never fade, because it represents the romantic dream of many women. Here’s some detail to make their current outfit.

  • Short dresses.Now all maison on the catwalk flaunted at least a short dress from Oscar de la Renta to Alan Hannah. If you wish to then a formal gown, but young you can showcase your legs. The length of the skirt? Your choice, from mini to ankle, in the style of the 1960s.
  • Floral appliqués. Are very popular flowers, from which the Atelier Aimée took inspiration for her new collection. Long skirts and fluffy seem made as many petals, pink shades, from Pale to a tone quite switched on, like a bouquet of roses speckled. Many fabric flowers applied to the end of the Regency, both on necklines.
  • For 2013 the dress doesn’t have to be white. Last year they won the decorations, snowflakes to Accessories (shoes, bouquet, etc). This year you can follow this trend or you can splurge a total look. Imagine your dress entirely pastel (pink, light yellow, one blue ice).

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