Clothing for Special Occasions

You can expect some significant social event that requires Ceremony. Go to the best specialty shops, or contact the clever dressmaker. You can also try your luck in the Rental of clothing. Offer ceremonial clothes in many boutiques with maternity fashion is relatively limited.

Emphasize or hide the tummy?

Lay it for granted that even in moments when you need to look dazzling, you have to think primarily at their convenience. Most Popular in this direction cut that is tapered down over her breasts and belly, then you must hang loose blouse. Dark colors are known to look smaller, so you can choose the colors in darker shades. Conversely, if you want to highlight their maternity line, put your clothes feel tight and through them must either wear crocheted bolero with closing above the belly.

“Exposed belly is today among pregnant women very trendy. Mothers want to show my belly, because it is definitely not ashamed. However, the model should be especially comfortable, and this requirement is necessary to adjust not only the material, but also cut, “says the contemporary currents in social maternity fashion designer clothing. The greatest interest is mainly on comfortable clothes sporting type.

Trousers, skirts and so on…

If you frequently get into a society that enjoy their elegance, you should definitely take at least one fabric maternity pants with a higher but more elastic waist, which is perfectly adapted to increasing belly. Trousers Select a solemn-looking top. Nicely and elegantly acts satin blouses that are at the constriction between the breasts and belly interspersed with another type of substance or a pattern. You do not have to give up even a light jacket or sweater. If you prefer skirts, you can highly recommend those that are equipped with an elastic band, which easily pulls tummy while also protecting the lumbar region from hypothermia. Usually it is recommended skirts cut in the shape of the letter “A”, which parallels optically thicker parts.

If you believe that you are pregnant as in fashion creations restricts make up for convenient bottoms such as pregnancy capri pants. There can boldly unleash their imagination and apparel to complement interesting shawl, beads, earrings. Fashionable clothing that is denied to pregnant women, is layering different colored tops. Great attention is also attracted an unusual hairstyle and chic headgear.


In any case, the drop in suicide walk on high heels. Keep in mind that your leg is not sufficiently stable and may threaten inconvenience associated with an unexpected fall. It is more prudent to choose elegant but comfortable and free enough boot. Ideally in this case are popular balerýnky.

Heels, of course, but not a complete taboo. But take care not to tip thronged fingers and the heel was wide and strong enough to save you shaky and uncertain steps.

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