Comfortable Safe Maternity Shoes

Dear mom,

in a previous post I mentioned the change of posture of the pregnant woman, a major shift, more than they appear. For this reason, it would be better to devote more thought to the choice of shoes.

I didn’t think much of the publicity of various sanitary shoes manufacturers, which make them pass as indispensable for correct gait of the woman pregnant. I think, even if objectively a strain, a healthy body is able to adjust his own posture.

It is true that never before pregnancy feel the need of comfortable shoes, because it happens to have swollen feet and circulation, with blood which changes consistency, may plod a bit. Add the fact that the movement is always good and the walks are recommended, and comfort becomes important.

A comfortable shoe for a mom streetwalker should not be flat, because no helps blood circulation. Better a 3 heel-4cm, maybe a soft wedge or a sneaker. Even the trainers can go, depending on your sensitivities, how it is used and the need of the moment.

Here I say it and here I deny it … If we are accustomed to high heels, put them occasionally with a big belly is not so severe, the important thing is, as always, do not overdo it. After an evening out of a ten, my back was stanchina, but self-esteem was galvanized through BESTAAH.

As for the purchases, instead, better choose versatile models and postpone the fashion in quieter moments. Yes, okay, we have to be trendy and sexy pregnant also, let us not go and so on. But I have in my closet a couple of fantastic wedges took when I was in the sixth month, now I go hopelessly broad!

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