Fashion Body Chains

The coolest trend this summer does not represent a piece of clothing, but a piece of jewelry, namely the body chain, in English Body Chain. This jewelry is an extra long chain that hangs normally from the neck and crosses in front of the chest or the creek and back. Body Chains are now available in countless versions. While subtle, thin, barely visible variants are also suitable for everyday wear, flashy models can be worn on special occasions.

Although Body Chains remind us strongly of Eastern traditional fashion, but currently, combined with highly trendy garments such as Crop Tops. Actually it is the slightly more liberal fashion highlights of this summer, which have caused the body chain trend. Deep necklines and free bellies allow uninterrupted views of the be sexy snaking chains on the body.

One can Body Chains wear differently. Either under clothing or above. Plotting clothing which lets larger body surfaces are free, you can Body Chains projecting look here and there under the clothes, running as an exciting accessory. One can body chains but also carry over a top or a dress. For this, the clothes should however be closely cut, so that the chain can well come into play. Especially tops and bodycon dresses can be tastefully decorated with a Body Chain.

On the beach attracts a combination of bikini and body chain guarantees everyone’s attention. But otherwise this gem is very sensual. For this reason, one must make sure that other people are tastefully presented in any situation. So it’s probably not the best choice for the office and grandmas birthday party.

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