How to Cure Brittle Nails

Before applying Nail Polish, watch carefully your nails. They are beautiful, or soft, brittle, yellowed and torn? Sure, you can hide under a layer of enamel, but so will only hide the problem doesn’t solve it.

You have to know the causes and only then is it possible to treat them properly, otherwise you may make them worse. The nails that so far were perfect, can become brittle if you stay long in the Sun, or due to improper eating habits or you have used too long a hardener.
When choosing a treatment for nails, make sure it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, because this too dry your nails. Experts advise us to use waterproof products, to keep your nails hydrated and at the same time, not to let them soften and break upon contact with water. Usually, when your nails are a problem, vitamins are guilty of this fact, or exactly lack thereof.
If your nails are brittle, then you might have a deficiency of biotin (vitamin H or B7) and in this case, you have to eat mushrooms and bananas. If iron deficiency is responsible for the poor state of your nails, you can assimilate easily if you eat red meat, vegetables and carrots. If you lack zinc, you need to eat eggs, fish, seafood. It is best to avoid starting a diet of vitamins “canned”, unless you are notified by a physician or pharmacist.
If there are exactly those that are missing body balance may deteriorate again and you return to the starting point, IE to brittle nails. Try to get the vitamins you need with proper diet, consume fruits and vegetables regularly. If you take care of your entire body and begins a balanced lifestyle and healthy, you will find that your nails will look much better!
After each contact with water, dry your nails thoroughly. If you leave wet, increases the risk to enrich them with fungal infections.
5 tips for healthy and beautiful nails
To have your nails desires, each evening try to keep your hands for 10 minutes in a bowl with olive oil, heated. Don’t let your nails grow excessively. First, because it is not aesthetic and is completely out of date, but a manicure with short nails and Nice, will deteriorate.
Use a soft lime, to lessen the shock of the operation, felt by your nails as a trauma. When you buy the solvent, make sure that the bottle does not contain acetone, because this dries and damages your nails. If a nail begins to break down, instead of trying all methods, as the adhesive, it is best to cut it. The sticker may damage a larger area of the nail and instead of solving a problem, the situation may get worse.
If you want to have beautiful nails, neovideogames recommend you to drink two litres of water a day. The lack of adequate hydration leads to their breakup.

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