How to Keep Your Handbag Clean

I’m crazy about purses, almost never resist (resist if they are too expensive, because my passion for purses is smaller than my canguinhagem!), I have many and always want more!

Previously I was a lot more relaxed, let them in any corner and went wading in the closet, which all ended up damaging some parts.

But, with the time, I was learning to clean the right way, to choose the best seats and positions to preserve them, in addition to learning some tricks that prevent and clean stains, keep the leather in the correct format and some things like that.

Before to accommodate the bags, check the cleaning and moisture conditions of the place, because the mold can damage the bags and dirt can stain it.

Another important thing is, after you use the bag, remove all the lixinhos that are in there, such as papers, for example. Remember, never leave gum and bullets dropped in handbags, because, over time, they melt and make a mess, staining ALL!

The place being clean, it’s time to know how to clean the bags.

Well, each material requires a specific cleaning type, then give only general tips in this post, but I promise a post about cleaning of each type of bag, okay?

As a general rule, never use the dishwasher, do not let the pieces of sauce, avoid abrasive cleaners and don’t put your bags exposed to the Sun.

Alcohol and acetone, which lots of people use, dry the leather and, therefore, should be avoided.

The ideal is to use a damp cloth and a little mild soap that cleans without assaulting, or coconut SOAP, giving brightness in the leather parts.

The metal parts should not be wet and should be cleaned with a dry flannel, to increase your lifespan.

In the next post we’ll talk about how to keep the bags, okay?

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