How to Match Jewelry Sets and Clothes

The truth is that every woman is in love with jewelry and clothes.

The jewels give an elegant touch on the clothes and leave the more still incremented.

Are your casual or formal combinations, the jewelry become elements of sophistication to any look?

But sometimes that can be beautiful, also leaves us in doubt. Although both are beautiful, the harmony between jewelry and clothes must exist.

Exaggerated combinations can cause an opposite effect and make you look awkward and out of context.

But how to match clothes and jewelry the right way? In we will help you to match jewels and clothes without crisis. If you make these little tips, will rely much more on your verdict and never miss.

Your Skin Tone

Some say that this has nothing to do, but it does and is visible to the eye. The skin tone affects the colors that you can use, precisely because our skin tones are never the same. So that you always have pieces to use without fear, take a look at that skin tone analysis we did.

Clear Skin:

Who has skin and light hair, presents a more rosy because blood vessels that appear under the skin. Thus jewelry yellow gold tones match perfectly to this type of skin. Vibrant shades like dark blue, dark red, purple and green are perfect.

Yellow Skin:

For anyone who has a more yellowish skin, it is important to use silver colors and more defined. Stones like yellow, orange, green and bright colors give prominence to the set as a whole.

Skin Redhead:

Redheads look good with silver and turquoise blue, because of the contrast with your skin. If you’re a redhead, use and abuse of shades like brown, dark yellow, orange, ocher, beige, military green.

Brown Skin:

Those with brown skin or Tan, the important is featured. So jewels clear are welcome. Use shades of mustard yellow, royal blue, floral fabrics, red, orange, purple.

Black Skin:

Use jewelry clearer, as white gold and silver. These colors give a more sophisticated. Combine with cheerful floral blue, dark blue, red, orange.

With the analysis of your color, you can now know that pieces could fit best in your wardrobe. Of course this is not rule, and there are exceptions to match jewels and clothes. Your criteria is the last to give the opinion, so practice it so it becomes a great discretion.

Colors of Clothes and Jewels

Now that you know which shades look better with your skin, let’s see how to combine the jewels with the colors of your clothes.

A good tip to err is not that old toot: match colors with colors. To look black, for example, combine shades of dark stones in rings with light necklaces to contrast the visual. Try combining the tones of rocks present colors in clothes, belt, shoe, and purse. I don’t want everything stand out, but only 1 1 thing only.

If you like to be neutral, in everyday life, for example, opt for smaller and delicate accessories . If the color of your outfit is blue, use blue tone rings and necklaces.

If you like to dare more and more attention, for day to day use contrasting colors like green and pink, blue and yellow, orange and purple, and so on.


This is not a point to be disregarded as the occasion is a good influence on the choice of time look.

Formal occasions ask for more serious time to combine, other than when going to the beach or some not-so-social event.

If you’re using stones, try to match the colors in clothes that you will use. If you’re using a very large earring, dispense the paste and let just one point of your look create featured (6 ways to use maxi earrings). If your clothes for Paisley, bet on neutral jewelry as pearls, which are classic and chic.

Combination Necklaces & Blouses

One of the hardest things to match is the necklaces with the rest of the look. The space is small for a lot of information, which makes our limited choices.

For example, if the paste is too flashy, it would be better if your blouse was neutral. Do this little rule whenever you put a piece not to miss.

Call attention to only one thing. If the blouse or dress is Turtleneck unless the necklace fit perfectly on your clothes, don’t wear it.

Silver and Gold

Can? Can! Yes, use silver and gold went away from being out of fashion.

Fashion is permissive, which gives us a better chance to combine the pieces we have in the wardrobe. A word of caution goes here if you got carried away too much and thought that silver shirt and that golden necklace that both loves. You have to know how to combine the two pieces, so that it is natural and nobody notice that you use a golden necklace and a silver earring.

Use the combinations close to each other, as for example, gold and silver chains, merges the two colors with rings, bracelets and so on.

Have Key Parts

Yes, key parts are indispensable in your wardrobe and your kit (5 wildcards of feminine wardrobe).

One of these key pieces are the pearls. Pearls are always classics. Use and abuse of the pearls. Since even huge necklaces chokers with many turns, pearls combine with everything. Well, almost everything!

Is Safe

You can be beautiful and wonderful, but if you are feeling bad, your posture will show. So if you’re not feeling well with the combination did, unless you like challenges, don’t leave home.

We have to combine our clothes and jewelry in order to feel good, not following trends only. The clothes have to add something to what we already are. Nothing worse than feeling bad for our clothes. So, be careful when combining jewelry and clothes in order to feel good.

In the end, the set as a whole should stand out, not separate things. Choose only one highlight to not load too much visual. It’s better to hear a “you’re beautiful!” than “Wow, what a perfect necklace.

Of course it’s nice to know you like our paste, but if it is within the right context, this phrase will come after the “you’re beautiful!”.

There are thousands and thousands of combinations that can be made without fear. All you have to understand the principles of common sense and the “less is more”, that all your looks will be a success.

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