How to Wear a Sweater Stylishly

As I imagine many of you have done (tell me I’m not the only one), even I few weeks ago I went early in the morning in front of the H & M store to accaparrarmi some head of the limited edition created this year by the talented Isabel Marant.

This time (at least in Parma) in the row in front of the entrance was not too well, luckily, I was able to go quite early and to recover in a short time everything that I liked, including this beautiful multi-colored sweater that I had already spotted on the site and inserted into my wish list! I must say that overall I liked the collection, although in reality the little time available you can always see well too few leaders, risking to remain empty-handed if you do not have a clear idea. Another thing that I was quite disappointed not being able to see the men’s collection that looked really great, you found you?!?

I chose to combine it in a stylish look a bit ‘different from the usual that allowed me to play with matches!
In fact, I decided to combine it with a leather tube pencil skirt After wearing the sweatshirt of Isabel Marant Pour H & M, color powder of DROMe and a pair of sandals, also colored powder, Prima Donna. The pairing is a bit ‘special, because it mixes a leader purely sporting as the sweatshirt to an elegant and refined skirt and a pair of open sandals, but I overall enjoyed it!

To top it all I then chose a pair of futuristic glasses of Cesare Paciotti on shades of fuchsia, bracelet and ring Ikonika brand (sold on PashionVictim platform) and one of my favorite bags ever!

What do you think of the look? I have convinced you?

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