In Wishlist: Orange Purse!

You know that feels good to  be able to buy something that I was wishing  for a long time? That piece you noticed all the looks that via, who has dated in virtual storefronts for several late nights? I decided to make a wishlist to organize my purchases in my next trip and so focus on the things that I really want. A list to try not to be frantic at first Forever 21 that I enter and toasting my money with pieces that will last little and won’t let me so pleased as well. And you know what the greatest wish of all? An orange bag.

I  don’t have colored handbags(purses, but not scholarship), I just get the black/grey/beige colour I think evil count, clariiiiinho blue and green moss type escurão. But has no that one touch of colour draws attention, you know? I like the idea of a red bag(I’m well in doubt if I buy one, too), but the Orange seem perfect! Think with me: look great with black, with gray, with beige, with colors like pink, purple, blue, green… I just think it might not work with yellow and red. Right?

How is something I want to for some time, I’ve been dating some. The tone that I like most is the  orange that pulls more yellow  than red pro, the first type of mounting up here. I also have had the urge to use bags menorzinhas and I think I’m going to join the two into one and buy a template like the  PS1 Pouch Leather, the smaller version of the PS1 or  Marcie Mini Satchel, that is foooofa!
Also love the options of  Alexander Wang, only to have a little more variety in my closet I decided to prohibit buying bags from him for a while, heheheh! I’m so in love with the color that I think would be happy with any model, which only adds to the doubt in choosing!

Do you like the idea of a coloridona bag? What’s your favorite model?

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