Jeans in Freezer

Have you already heard? Allegedly keep Jeans longer if you wash it as little as possible and take into the washer rather puts in the freezer. At least advise the experts …

How Does The Freezer Method?

So Jeans stay beautiful as long as possible, experts recommend primarily: Do not wash too often, the jeans, do not use the dryer and use very little washing powder. If one believes the Levi`s CEO Chip Bergh and designer Tommy Hilfiger, one renounces most directly completely on washing and puts the jeans rather overnight in the freezer.

The reason: The jeans (and any other garment also) deteriorates with every wash. To obtain the best fit and the color remain, the pants should be placed rather for a few hours in the freezer. By the odor-causing bacteria are killed Allegedly. Is that correct?

The experiment:

In fact, the freezer-theory is not new. A student from Canada has his jeans 15 months (!) Worn without washing them. Once the pants started to smell bad, he has set overnight in the freezer. But what happens to the bacteria in the cold? In fact, freezing does not kill the bacteria. The germs multiply at temperatures below zero, but does not work on.

However, once the jeans leaves the freezer, take the bacteria back its work and consequently Jeans capture after a short period of unpleasant smell.


However, according to, the fabric of the cutoff jeans do not like good for the washing machine free time, the sense of smell. On Washing Machine you can not get away, unfortunately. How do I wash my jeans right? Basically the jeans retain the original state when it is washed inside. Thus, the color is retained longer. Moreover, mild detergent protects the shape and the color of the jeans. For pants with a dark wash is recommended, you will not wash with other jeans and with little additional laundry. The fuller is the washing machine, the more wrinkled jeans. In dark jeans can be seen after washing the often. In the creases like a residual detergent addition remains and ensures unsightly white streaks. When washing program you choose the best “easy-care” for or “Delicates” and at a maximum of 30 degrees. Otherwise, the jeans can arrive namely. Thus the Denim not ausleiert, renounce definitely to fabric softener. After washing, you let the pants is best to air dry and ironing set is only on the left.Think you’re at these care instructions, the jeans will last longer and you can wear your favorite pants for many years.

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