MIDI Skirt was Reinvented

New fashion on the catwalks and in the shops there each season. It isn’t generally where – as new. Only courageous and very different than before!

The trendsetter is clearly the MIDI rock this year. He was so far considered stuffy and boring, he’s the it piece in 2015. The MIDI skirt XXL can be combined with many other beautiful parts.

The hem length varies between calf and ankle. So there is something for every ego. With the right shoes your legs seem endlessly long and thanks to matching accessories, your hips look narrower. Even if the length of the skirt is first unfamiliar, this piece of clothing will be secure soon a favorite in your wardrobe!

The correct styling at the MIDI skirt

When styling, care must be taken, because the new outfit can easily seem stuffy. We have a few tips and tricks for you, with which you’re fashionable quite far forward!

BBW love Bell skirts. The wide hem of this skirt reaches to the middle of the calf. To maintain the proportions, the waist is emphasised. The feminine form conceals excellent small pads. A blouse with a deep neckline and beautiful high heels to: You got a perfect go out outfit!

The MIDI skirt shape is suitable even for a lavish ball. A “little black” with Bell or flared skirt, this includes a statement necklace or a small tiara and long gloves make you look both sexy and elegant.

High heel shoes are a must to the MIDI rock in large sizes

Necessarily high shoes, which stretch the silhouette includes the MIDI skirts. The new look fit high heels as well as loafer pumps with lower heels. In cold weather boots are offered it up to the knee or even thigh high. Ankle boots with platform soles are the convenient option. Ballerinas or flat shoes are cute skirts that end just above the ankle.

What tops to the MIDI rock in oversize fit? It’s simple: All! The main thing is plain. UltraMon is the combination of a T-Shirt with short Blazer. If friends that’s too trendy: even denim shirts or blouses with witty details fit well. The beloved Cardigan or the knitted sweater in large sizes also works with the MIDI skirt. The different layers come good with a small belt, which is closely tied about the waist. Especially nice they seem in contrast colors – no matter whether above or below the hem of the skirt.


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